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Foreign Relations Law

Spring 2000


Reading Assignments



Week 1 (Jan. 18 & 20)                        Introduction and the Separation of Powers



Articles I, II, III of the U.S. Constitution

Materials on Kosovo Deployment

            Yoo, Kosovo, War Powers, and the Multilateral Future, Reserve

            Campbell v. Clinton, 52 F. Supp.2d 34,  39 (D.D.C. 1999), Reserve


[The Separation of Powers]

Youngstown, CB p. 6

INS v. Chadha, CB p. 62

Notes, CB 76-79

Bowsher v. Synar, 478 U.S. 714 (1986), reserve

Morrison v. Olson, 487 U.S. 654 (1988), reserve

Mistretta v. United States, 488 U.S. 361 (1989), reserve

Clinton v. New York, reserve


Week 2 (Jan. 25 & 27)                        Plenary Powers of the President and Congress


[Presidential Powers in Foreign Affairs]

Henkin, Foreign Affairs, 31-62

President Washington’s Neutrality Proclamation (1793), reserve

Elkins & McKitrick, The Age of Federalism 336-41 (1993), reserve

Hamilton, Pacificus Essays, Reserve

Madison, Helvidius Essays, Reserve

            John Marshall, Speech before House of Representatives, 10 Annals of Congress 613

                        (1800), Reserve


[Presidential and Congressional Powers in Foreign Affairs]

Henkin, Foreign Affairs, 63-82

Curtiss Wright Export Corp., CB 33

United States v. Pink, CB 30

United States v. Lovett, CB 743

Fisher, Stith, & Sidak articles, CB 751 764   


Week 3 (Feb. 1 & 3)                           Shared Powers: War Powers


            [Kosovo and the War Powers Resolution]

Materials on Kosovo deployment

            Presidential Messages on Kosovo, Reserve

            OLC Opinion on Haiti, Reserve

            Congressional Votes on Kosovo, Reserve

Simulation #3, CB 508

War Powers Resolution, CB 560

Message from President Nixon Vetoing the Resolution, CB 567

Henkin, Foreign Affairs, 97-111


[The Original Understanding of War Powers]

Yoo, Original Understanding of War Powers, Reserve

Stromseth, Why Methodology Matters, Reserve

Treanor, Fame, The Founding, and the Power to Declare War, Reserve


Week 4 (Feb. 8 & 10)                         War Powers, continued


            [The Practice of War Powers in History]

President Polk, War Message, Reserve

                Abraham Lincoln, Special Message to Congress, Reserve

House Resolution Accusing Polk, Reserve

The Prize Cases, CB 541

Congressional Research Service, Instances of Use of Force Abroad, CB 650

Fisher, Presidential War Powers, Reserve

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution & Other Resolutions, Reserve

Orlando v. Laird, 443 F. 2d 1039 (2d Cir. 1971), Reserve


[The Modern Practice of War Powers]

Reports of Presidents, CB 591 598

UN Resolution 678, CB 646

Pub. L. No. 102 1, CB 646

Congressional Debate, CB 648

Dellums v. Bush, CB 674

Franck & Patel, The Old Order Changeth, CB 684

Glennon, The Constitution and the U.N., CB 696


Week 5 (Feb. 15 & 17)                       Treaty Power


[The President and Senatorial Advice & Consent]

Henkin, Foreign Affairs, 175-185

ABM/IMF Treaty Interpretation Materials, CB 493 507

Biden & Ritch, The Treaty Power, Reserve

Block, Casey & Rivkin, The Senate & Treaty Interpretation, Reserve

Chayes & Chayes, The Great Reinterpretation Caper, Reserve

Sofaer, The ABM Treaty and the Strategic Defense Initiative, Reserve




Week 6 (Feb. 22 & 24 )                     The Treaty Power


[Constitutional Limitations on Treaties]

Henkin, Foreign Affairs, 185-98

Missouri v. Holland, CB 291 & Bricker Amendment, CB 294, 297

Bradley, The Treaty Power and American Federalism, Reserve

Flaherty, Are We to Be a Nation?, Reserve

Yoo, The New Sovereignty and the Old Constitution, Reserve


[Treaties as Law]

Henkin, Foreign Affairs, 198-21

Frolova v. USSR, 761 F.2d 370, CB 356

Yoo, Treaties and Public Lawmaking, Reserve

Vazquez, Treaties as Domestic Law, Reserve

Note on Last in Time Doctrine, CB 362


Week 7 (Feb. 29 & Mar. 2)                Executive Agreements


[Congressional-Executive Agreements]

Henkin, Foreign Affairs, 215-30

Ackerman & Golove, Is NAFTA Constitutional?, Reserve

Tribe, Taking Text and Structure Seriously, Reserve

Vagts, The Exclusive Treaty Power Revisited, Reserve


[Sole Executive Agreements]

Whiteman, CB 405

Weinberger v. Rossi, CB 407

Consumers Union, CB 412

Dames & Moore, CB 417

Belmont, CB 438

Pink, CB 30 and note

Destroyers for Bases Deal, CB 449 & Note, CB 454  


Week 8 (Mar. 7)                                 International Economic Powers


Continue w/Congressional-Executive Agreements & Sole Executive Agreements


            NO CLASS ON MAR. 9


Week 9 (Mar. 14 & 16)                      Federalism & Foreign Affairs


            [States and Foreign Affairs: The Consensus]

Henkin, Foreign Affairs, 133-148

Zschernig, CB 793

Japan Lines, CB 794

Container Corp., CB 798

Barclay’s Bank, 512 U.S. 298 (1994), Reserve


           [States and Foreign Affairs: A New Approach?]

Goldsmith, Federalism and Foreign Affairs, Reserve

South Africa Divestment Case Study, CB 807-825

Oakland Nuclear Free Zone Case, CB 825-837

National Foreign Trade Council v. Natsios, 181 F.3d 38 (1st Cir. 1999),

                    cert. granted, No. 99-474, 120 S. Ct. 525 (Nov. 29, 1999).


Week 10 (Mar. 21)                 The Courts and Foreign Affairs


            [The Political Question Doctrine]

Henkin, Foreign Affairs, 133-148

Note on Political Question Doctrine, CB 850-55

Goldwater v. Carter, CB 377

Franck, Political Questions/Judicial Answers, CB 855-75

Nagel, The Political Question Doctrine, Reserve

Yoo, Federal Courts as Weapons of Foreign Policy, Reserve






Week 11 (Apr. 4)                    The Courts and Foreign Affairs


[Act of State Doctrine]

Sabbatino, CB 229

Notes on Act of State Doctrine & Sovereign Immunity, CB 240 & 252

Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act of 1976, CB 253

Verlinden, CB 258

ALI Sovereign Immunity, CB 262




Week 12 (Apr. 11 & 13)         The Courts and Foreign Affairs


            [War Powers and Justiciability]

Orlando, CB 892

Mitchell, CB 894

Note on Vietnam War Cases, CB 898

Yoo, Original Understanding, Reserve


[Justiciability and Foreign Affairs]

Crockett, CB 902

Sanchez Espinoza, CB 906

Ramirez de Arellano, CB 910

Lowry v. Reagan, CB 923

Goldwater v. Carter, CB 984 & Note on Standing CB 965

Campbell v. Clinton, 52 F. Supp.2d 34,  39 (D.D.C. 1999), Reserve



Week 13 (Apr. 18 & 20)                     International Law and Domestic Law


[International Law and the Constitution]

Henkin, Foreign Affairs, 232-246

Historic Context, CB 109-11

The Paquete Habana, CB 112

Garcia Mir, CB 136

Agora: May the President Violate International Law?, CB 140-50

Yoo, Kosovo, Reserve


            [Customary International Law as Federal Common Law]

Filartiga v. Pena, CB 154

Victim Torture Protection Act of 1991, CB 165, 169

Tel Oren v. Libyan Arab Republic, Reserve

Kadic v. Karadzic, 70 F.3d 232 (2d Cir. 1995), Reserve



 Week 14 (Apr. 25 & 27)                    International Law and Domestic Law


[Customary International Law as Federal Law: The Scholarly Debate]

Bradley & Goldsmith, Customary Intl Law as Federal Common Law, Reserve

Koh, Is International Law Really State Law?, Reserve

Neuman, Sense and Nonsense about Customary Intl Law, Reserve