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Course Books

Federal Income Taxation of Business Enterprises: Cases, Statutes and Rulings (w/ R. Westin & R. Beck, 2nd ed., Lexis Pub. Co., 1999).

Federal Income Taxation of Business Enterprises: Cases, Statutes and Rulings (with Westin, R. & Beck, R.C.E), Michie/Butterworth (1995).

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Reviews and Reports

Book Review of Strickland (ed.), Hugo Black and the Supreme Court, A Symposium, 56 Calif. L. Rev. 1178 (1968) 10 pgs.

Book Review of Leflar, The Law of Conflict of Laws, 40 Texas L. Rev., 168 (1961).

Audio Tape

"Estate and Gift Tax", audiotape, 9.2 hours, Pub. by Sum & Substance (West Professional Training Prog., Inc.), 2nd ed., 1997.





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