Environmental Law Certificate

Students may undertake a specialization in environmental law. The specialized curricular program at the Center for Law, Energy & the Environment ensures that students develop a broad background in fundamental areas of law while receiving advanced training in environmental law. Students who meet the requirements are awarded a Certificate of Specialization in Environmental Law at graduation.


For JD Students - Students who wish to earn the certificate must take Administrative Law and Environmental Law and Policy; complete three other environmental law courses or seminars and one other public law course (i.e., Constitutional Law: Individual Rights, Federal Courts, International Law, Legislation, or State and Local Government Law); and write a research paper on an environmental topic.

For LLM Students - Students who wish to earn the certificate must take either Environmental Law and Policy or International Environmental Law; take either Administrative Law or International Law; take two other environmental law courses; and write a research paper on an environmental topic. Specific courses that will qualify are listed on the application.

Application for 2014 Certificate of Specialization

To apply for the 2014 Certificate of Specialization in Environmental Law, please download and complete no later than March 15, 2014: (1) the application, (2) the authorization form allowing a faculty member to access to your official transcript, (3) your resume, and (4) a short questionnaire, for use at graduation and to stay in contact with you after graduation.  

To submit the application materials, please deliver them to lecturer Bob Infelise in 585 Simon Hall, or scan and email them to rinfelise@law.berkeley.edu

Application Materials:

JD Student Application

LLM Student Application

Authorization Form (JD and LLM Students)

Questionnaire (JD and LLM)

CLEE Certificate Ceremony

Recipients of the 2014 Certificate in Environmental Law are invited to a ceremony on Friday, May 9 from 1:30pm to 3:30pm at 100 Boalt Hall.  Friends and family are welcome.  Refreshments will be served. 

2013 Certificate Recipients

2012 Certificate Recipients

2013 Environmental Law - JD:

Alexander Bandza, Daniel Carlin, Marlene Dehlinger, Gwynne Hunter, Nicholas Jimenez, Nathaniel Johnson, Caroline Lee, Somerset Perry, Ryan Shaening Pokrasso, Maria Stamas, James Tansey, Nikhil Vijaykar

2013 Environmental Law - LLM: 

Jose Tomas Barrueto Sotomayor, Soonwon Jang, Kirthi Kalyan, Bruno Bolzon Lauda, Juan Manuel Pazos, Martha Russi, Melissa Meaghan See, Romany Michelle Webb

2012 Environmental Law - JD: 

Alexander Arensberg, Sarah Axtell, Gabrielle Cuskelly, Dan Golub, Catherine Groves, Jill Jaffe, Ian McConnaha, Nell Green Nylen, Seph Petta, Daniel Pulver, Leah Rinder, Tosh Sagar, Elizabeth Sarine, Meredith Wilensky 

2012 Environmental Law - LLM: 

Mariana Barbosa, Yong Fan, Jayeeta Kar, Jason Levy, Masao Morishita, Luis Pellerano, Arthur S. Pugsley IV, Bruno Racy, Kim Schumacher, Fernando Valencia

2011 Environmental Law - JD: 

Jessica Cheng, Ian Fein, Laura Hall, Heather Haney, Shahrzod Hanizavareh, Todd Hutchins, Alexandra Kamel, Daniel Kolta, Daniel Kramer, Zoe Loftus-Farren, Katy Lum, William Most, Olivia Odom, Camille Pannu, Julia Ma Powers, Jimmy Purvis, Brent Schoradt, Taiga Takahashi, Holly Wagenet, Christopher Williams

2011 Environmental Law - LLM: 

Nicholas Antonas, Martin Olszynski, Dimitrios Pantazis, Eirini Portokalaki, Lakshmi Rajagopalan, Maria Fernanda Esquivel Rodriguez 

2010 Environmental Law - J.D.:

Sarah Barker-Ball, Sara Clark, Alexander Digiorgio, Sara Gerson, Heather Hoekstra, Jessica Hollinger, Jessica Intrator, Emily Jeffers, Jennifer Jeffers, Rachel Jones, Amanda Lopez, James McNamara, Catherine Mongeon, Harry Moren, Robert Moreno, Christopher Raftery, Brian Scaccia, Erica Schroeder, Monica Voicu, Jamey Volker, Allison Watkins

2010 Environmental Law - LLM:

Hae-June Ahn, Sascha Arnold, Laura Chambon, Louis de Redon de Colombier, Rodrigo Ropert Fuentes, Gabriela Infante, Edesio Carrasco Quiroga, Kittinut Supsoontornkul, Jeanett Trad


Environmental Law - JD: 

Max Baumhefner, Louise Gibbons, Stefanie Gitler, Misti Groves, Matthew Henjum, Christie Henke, Doug Karpa, Tim Lindl, Jennifer Martin, Matt Sieving, Henry Stern, Megan Watts, Jonathan York

2009 Environmental Law - LLM: 

Panravee Chevitsophon, Gaelle Cognet, Jukkrapop Siripakornkan

Click here for a video of the 2009 ceremony.