California Wrongful Convictions Project

The California Wrongful Convictions Project is collecting data on overturned, reversed and dismissed criminal convictions in California. Preliminary data has found 213 Californians who spent a collective 1,311 years in state or federal prison before their convictions were reversed or dismissed, with a taxpayer cost of over $129 million for incarceration, settlement and compensation. To see the full fact sheet, click here. For the press release, click here.

Project researchers are seeking information on wrongful convictions in California. To be included in the study, a case must (1) originate in a California state or federal court, (2) result in a conviction, (3) be reversed, overturned of dismissed on all counts by trial court, appellate court, or a federal court after January 1, 1989, (4) result in either full acquittal or dismissal on remand. We are also interested in cases where police, prosecutorial, or investigator misconduct resulted in an award of civil damages, and cases in which the defendant pled guilty on remand to a lesser crime for which all time had been served.

To input information about a case electronically, click here, or contact the project directors below.

Rebecca Silbert
Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Law and Social Policy
University of California, Berkeley School of Law
(510) 643-7321

John Hollway
Hollway Advisory Services
(484) 580-6098