Master Plan

UC Berkeley School of Law has grown remarkably in just a few years: our faculty has increased by 25 percent; six new research centers have been launched; and the number of student journals and groups is at an all-time high. In addition, novel methods of teaching law have emerged since Boalt Hall was built in 1951. Rather than large lecture halls, the law school needs smaller seminar rooms to meet the changing landscape of legal education. Our approach to addressing expansion and change includes both renovation of existing space and construction of a new building.

A number of renovations have already made the places where we learn, study, and work more comfortable, inviting, and up-to-date. You'll see many of these improvements as you walk the law school complex, including modern seminar rooms, renovated lecture halls, and a beautifully restored library reading room.

Improvements have continued — we have upgraded classroom technology, created 19 faculty offices in Simon Hall, developed vibrant collaborative space for students on the west terrace level, and renovated the west terrace itself—reclaiming usable outdoor space adjoining College Plaza. And that's just the beginning.

The most significant component of Berkeley Law's master plan is the South Addition. This innovative new building will be constructed below the school's courtyard facing Bancroft Way. The South Addition will house the law library's renowned collection, with a classroom, café, and student lounge at the courtyard level. The building will allow us to reclaim current library space and remodel it into much-needed seminar rooms and study areas. Eventually, we plan to carve out even more space for our expanding legal clinics and staff.

This entire building enterprise will create a more dynamic learning environment at Berkeley Law. It will transform student life and dramatically strengthen our law school community.

To see photos of school improvements and current renovations, click here.