Promoting Accountability for 15 Years
The Human Rights Center at Berkeley Law conducts research on war crimes and other serious violations of humanitarian law and human rights worldwide.  Using evidence-based methods and innovative technologies, we support efforts to hold perpetrators accountable and to protect vulnerable populations. We also train students and advocates to document violations of human rights and to turn this information into effective action. Make a gift to support our work in 2012 and beyond!


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We are currently hiring for a summer Graduate Student Researcher to assist with our project, “Building Justice in El Salvador: Expanding Forensic Analysis for the Identification of Disappeared Persons."

More information on the position here.

This photo essay by Michelle Arevalo-Carpenter about her work with the HRC DNA Reunification Project and Pro Busqueda is featured on the PhotoPhilanthropy web site. It highlights efforts to reunite families with children who were abducted during that country's civil war.

Follow field updates from 2011 Fellows Leah Rorvig, Elisabeth Powelson, and Marissa Ram on the Berkeley in the World blog. Read additional updates from Rosalynn Vega.

Medical historian Susan Reverby discusses the U.S. Public Health Service's studies in which hundreds of Guatemalans were deliberately infected with syphilis in the 1940s. Click here to download the podcast.