About Us


The mission of the Berkeley Center for Criminal Justice is to enhance public safety and foster a fair and accountable justice system through research, analysis, and collaboration.


  • To increase understanding about criminal justice issues among policy-makers, practitioners, scholars, and students.
  • To improve outcomes for individuals involved in the criminal and juvenile justice systems.
  • To increase stakeholder's access to timely, relevant, and understandable information on criminal justice issues.


Guiding Principles

  • BCCJ believes connecting scholarship to practice is an effective way to improve the criminal justice system.
  • BCCJ believes that research and analysis should be accessible to a broad range of stakeholders.
  • BCCJ believes that criminal justice laws and policies should be informed by balanced, objective information.
  • BCCJ believes that educating policy-makers, practitioners and students about criminal justice issues is fundamental to system change.