International Wire Transfers

An international wire transfer is the appropriate method of payment for vendors located in foreign countries and for payments that must be made in a currency other than U.S. dollars. These transactions are coordinated by the campus Disbursements Office and executed by the Bank of America on behalf of the University. Since the required action is controlled by the bank, not by the University, it may take up to 10 days for an international wire transfer to be initiated. 

request payment via an international wire transfer

STEP 1 - Complete an International Wire Transfer Request Form - since accuracy is critical, the best option is to forward a copy of this form to your payee and ask them to provide the required bank information directly. Ask the payee to also include the IBAN (International Bank Account Number) even though this detail is not requested on the current template. All wire transfer requests for Berkeley Law are approved by the Chief Financial Officer so you may leave the signature section of the form blank. A sample form is included in the BearBuy job tool on Page 7.

STEP 2 - Include appropriate attachments for the transaction.  For individuals, you'll find a description of these forms on the Hosting Foreign Guests page of the Event Services website.  For suppliers, go to the Paying Foreign Individuals and Suppliers page on the blue sidebar.

STEP 3 - Forward your form and attachments via hardcopy only to Business Services and provide your instructions to Business Services via email to  Since data privacy is critical with international wire transfer transactions, you are encouraged to let Business Services create these BearBuy shopping carts on your behalf. 

How to Prepare an International Wire Transfer in BearBuy (PDF)

Receive confirmation of a wire transfer

When the wire transfer has been successfully executed by the Bank of America, the Disbursements Office will forward a copy of the confirmation receipt to Business Services.  This confirmation does not mean that the payment has been deposited into the beneficiary's bank account - it only confirms that the payment was sent to the recipient (or intermediary) bank.  It is up to the recipient bank to deposit the funds into the beneficiary's account.  

A copy of the wire transfer confirmation will be shared with you by Business Services.  Please feel free to provide a copy to your foreign vendor since the receipt includes information that may be helpful if the beneficiary needs to contact the recipient bank about the deposit.