Economic & Family Security Curriculum

UC Berkeley School of Law Courses

Upcoming or recent courses offered at Berkeley Law that are of particular interest to students interested in economic and family security appear below:

2009-2010 Academic Year

Spring ’11

Education and the Law - 221.6, Sugarman

Administrative Law - 223, O’Connell

Local Government Law - 226.1, Anderson

Local Government Impact Litigation: The San Francisco Affirmative Litigation Project - 226.3, Clements, Bernstein:

Labor Law - 227, Winograd

Labor & Employment Arbitration - 227.1, Winograd

Insurance Law - 254.5, Lavitt

Family Law - 281, Murray

Child Welfare Law & Policy - 281.4, Hollinger

Representing Low Wage Workers - 283, Rosenfeld

Berkeley Law Clinicals

The following clinical and practicum opportunities are offered at Berkeley Law and may be of particular interest to students interested in economic and family security.

EBCLC: (All units are applicable)

Other UC Berkeley Courses

These courses (or ones quite similar) focusing on issues related to economic and family security law and policy are offered regularly on the UC Berkeley campus. The ones listed below are being offered in the 2009-2010 Academic Year.  Berkeley Law students may count towards their JD degree up to 8 credits of work completed in classes outside the School of Law. The rules for taking such courses are available online on the School of Law website Registrar’s page. For more information and to understand these regulations better, please contact the Registrar’s office:

University of California, Berkeley
    Boalt School of Law
    Office of the Registrar
    270 Simon Hall
    Berkeley, CA 94720-7200
    Phone Number: (510) 642-2278
    Fax Number: (510) 642-2277

or visit
It is the responsibility of the individual student to be informed about such regulations before deciding on coursework.

Goldman School of Public Policy Courses

Spring ‘11

Public Budgeting - 179, Ellwood

Kid-First Policy: Family, School, and Community - 270, Kirp

UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare Courses

Spring ‘11

Social Welfare Policy - 112, Terrell

Social Policy: Children and Families - 230, Berrick

UC Berkeley School of Public Health Courses

Haas School of Business Courses