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Post-OCIP Job Search

If you participated in OCIP and are still on the job market . . .

. . . you may want to consult our Post-OCIP Job Search Guide.  To access the Guide, click on Jobs and Career Options on the right side bar menu of the CDO website, then click on Interview Programs, then click on OCIP Alternatives.  A link to the Guide is at the bottom of the OCIP Alternatives webpage.

You should also check out our webcasts of some specific nuts and bolts job search programs (FYI -- we do not expect to be presenting any of this programming "live" this year).  

You can find links to Public Interest/Public Sector Job Search Workshops by clicking on Jobs & Career Options on the right side bar menu of the CDO website, then clicking on Public Interest Careers, and then clicking on CDO PIPS Webcasts.

You should also check out our Small and Mid-Size Firm Job Search Workshop (link to the webcast is on our Small and Mid Size Firm page, which can be accessed via the Jobs and Career Options item on the right side bar menu). 

Also, the resources and webcasts about networking and informational interviewing, which will be crucial to your job search going forward, are well worth your time.  You can find them via the link to our Career Development and Job Search Skills resources on the right side bar menu.

One last resource link for those of you still on the job market is an an old article from the ABA's Student Lawyer publication that we stumbled across during last year's OCIP.  It was written for a slightly different audience in a very different time, nevertheless I thought some of you might find it useful.

We hope the above resources will be useful to you, but none is a substitute for the sort of personalized advice you can get during an appointment with an attorney-counselor.  Alex and Linda focus on public interest job searches.  Eric focuses on government and Sarah, Marsha, or I can help refine your private sector job search.