Public Knowledge Presents Seventh IP3 Awards to Samuelson, Crawford, Geist and Paley

Public Knowledge


Public Knowledge President Gigi B. Sohn announced that four winners have been chosen for the 2010 IP3 awards.  In addition, a special President’s Award will also be presented.  The name of that winner has not yet been disclosed.

This year, the awards will be given Pamela Samuelson, Susan Crawford, Michael Geist and Nina Paley.  Awards are given to individuals who over the past year (or over the course of their careers) who have advanced the public interest in one of the three areas of “IP” –Intellectual Property, Information Policy and Internet Protocol. The awards will be presented at a ceremony Oct. 13 in Washington, D.C.

Pamela Samuelson is recognized for her work in information policy.  Samuelson is one of the pioneers in all aspects of cyberlaw, having been one of the first to see the connections and contradictions between an emerging digital environment and the law.  Her scholarship, expertise and advocacy for reform range across crucial issues, ranging from privacy, copyright, freedom of expression, intellectual property and consumer protection, to name only a few items. The legal clinics she and her husband, Robert Glushko, have endowed across the country provide students practical experience in the public interest aspects of information and technology law.