Types of reimbursements

General purchases and expenses

Use  BearBuy to request a non-travel/entertainment reimbursement – click on FORMS on the menu bar, complete the Payment Request Form, and attached a scanned copy of your receipts to your shopping cart.  You can track the status of your payment by using the BearBuy transaction history search feature.

Travel expenses

Complete a Travel Report form to request reimbursement for business trip expenses.
Travel Expense Form  (Excel)
Instructions (PDF) 
Track your reimbursement (PDF)

Entertainment expenses

Complete an Entertainment Certification Form for your non-travel food/beverage and meal reimbursements - we don't use BearBuy for this type of transaction.

Entertainment Certification Form (PDF)
Instructions (PDF) 
Track your reimbursement (PDF) 

Reimbursements from other organizations and institutions

You used personal funds for all expenses and another organization will reimburse you - send your request directly to that organization.  University policy prohibits use of Berkeley Law funds to reimburse expenses that belong to others.

You used some Berkeley Law funds for your expenses and another organization will reimburse you - make sure this is noted on your reimbursement request.  Business Services will prepare a direct reimbursement to you and then prepare and submit an invoice to the other organization for the appropriate amount to be refunded to the University.