Request reimbursement

Berkeley Law employees may use the Travel Expense Form to request reimbursement for eligible trip costs.  Business Services will use the campus travel reimbursement system to process your requests.  Direct access to this database allows the team to scan your completed requests into the system for expedited payment processing.

Hosted guests who will receive direct reimbursement for authorized travel expenses should also use the Travel Expense Form - the completed and signed form with receipts may be sent electronically to the Berkeley Law host for payment processing.  Hosted guests whose employers will receive reimbursement for the travel expenses of these employees do not need to complete a Berkeley Law Travel Expense Form. Instead, employers will issue an invoice with attached receipts to the Berkeley Law host requesting reimbursement for these expenses. 

Travel Expense Form (Excel)
Instructions (PDF)
Track your reimbursement (PDF)

Local parking, tolls and mileage

You can be reimbursed for expenses related to participation in activities that take place locally, such as attending business meetings and fundraising events or conferring with research associates and prospective donors. If your local activity included a meal with others, such as lunch with a prospective donor, make a note of the guest name(s) on your receipt so you can be reimbursed for this expense as a travel policy exception. Report your local trip expenses on a travel expense form or worksheet.

International travel - using per diems

Receipts are not required when you use the U.S. Department of State per diem allowances for foreign locations to report meals/incidentals (tips and gratuities) and lodging expenses. Clinics, centers and departments may establish per diem values for their travelers that are lower than those provided on this list. Per diems are not available for domestic travel in the United Sates - you must report actual expenses and provide receipts as explained on the Travel Report Form instructions (see above).