Charter bus services

Field trips and excursions

Charter bus service is a restricted purchase - only credentialed Senior Buyers in campus Procurement Services have the necessary skills to assess vendors for proper compliance with state laws regarding insurance coverage, driver licensing and vehicle maintenance.  Their top priority is ensuring the safety of Berkeley Law passengers by weeding out substandard companies and only using vendors who meet stringent industry safety requirements.

Charter bus service is not eligible for payment via credit card or personal funds.  If you use personal funds, you will not be reimbursed. Only vendors approved by Procurement Services may be used to transport University faculty, staff, students and hosted guests. There are no exceptions to this policy. 

Request charter bus service via BearBuy

Use the Vehicle Charter Form - you may leave the supplier information blank if you would like Procurement Services to identify an eligible vendor for you.

Please don’t wait until the last minute - if you can anticipate your charter bus needs for future events, let Business Services work with Procurement Services in advance to establish a University purchase order with an approved vendor that can satisfy your trip requirements.