BearBuy Best Practices

bearbuy best practices in berkeley law

We avoid using personal funds to make purchases for reimbursement.  We use BearBuy to proactively manage our purchasing activity.

We avoid making unauthorized purchases - this is buying goods and services from vendors before a BearBuy shopping cart has been created and authorized.

We use separate shopping carts for items purchased via each catalog type - hosted, punch-out, and non-catalogs.  Cart contents may include items from a variety of vendors selected from the same catalog type.

We use separate shopping carts for each type of BearBuy form - one form to a cart.

We use shopping cart names to allow Shoppers, Cart Authorizers, and others to easily identify and retrieve our carts in BearBuy.

We record our bluCard and Event Planner Card transactions in BearBuy so we can use the transaction history search feature and CalAnswers reporting to view our credit card activity.

We use the shopping cart Comments field to share information about our purchase and to record the chartstring.

We use the Disbursements Office as our bill-to location for every shopping cart.