Entertainment and Events

New! Event Services website

Berkeley Law event planners will find a treasure trove of helpful advice, checklists, and templates on the new Event Services website - your primary resource for information about how to select and obtain event-related services and supplies.

Entertainment Policy

Before you make your food/beverage purchase, take a moment to read this one-page flyer:
UC Berkeley Entertainment Policy in a Nutshell  (PDF)  

Ordering catering or take-out food

No BearBuy shopping cart needed - you may place your food and catering orders directly with your selected vendors and then tell us so we can pay for them via our Event Planner credit card. 

Entertainment Certification Form

All entertainment (food and beverage) purchases require a completed and signed Entertainment Certification Form before Business Services can pay your vendor directly or reimburse you. Contact your designated budget officer or Elisabeth Remick (eremick@law.berkeley.edu) with your chartstring questions. Since your completed request will be scanned into the campus financial system or reimbursement database, original hardcopy forms and attachments are preferred.

Entertainment Certification Form (Word)
Instructions (PDF)


Business Services can pay your event vendors directly via our high-value Event Planner credit cards. This includes expenses such as catering, wine and other beverage purchases, decorations, facility and equipment rental fees, audio-visual services, signage, printing of programs and promotional materials, supplies and local lodging for your hosted guests. 

Taking Advantage of the Event Planner Card (PDF)