Gifts for employees and non-employees

Click the Section box on this page for lists of allowable gifts for employees and non-employees.  Contact the Office of Marketing and  Business Outreach if you would like to find a licensed vendor who can produce branded merchandise for gift-giving. 


If your selected vendor accepts credit cards, you don't need to create a BearBuy shopping cart - send your request to Business Services with the following description via orders@law

If you are purchasing merchandise from a hosted or punch-out catalog, create your shopping cart and use the cart Comments field to provide a description of your gift.  If you are using a vendor without a BearBuy catalog, use the Non-Catalog Form to tell us about your desired purchase.

Include a description of the business reason for making the gift, information about the gift recipient (name, title, occupation), and a justification for spending more than allowed by the University if applicable.

You can easily include all of these details in a single sentence:

Please purchase a floral arrangement to be delivered to Professor John Smith with our condolences on the death of his spouse.

Please reimburse Jane Doe for the purchase of an engraved desk clock to be presented to Director Paul Jones on the occasion of his retirement from Berkeley Law after 15 years of service.

Please reimburse Jane Doe for the purchase of UC Berkeley logo apparel to be presented to visiting dignitaries from the University of Beijing.