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BearBuy is UC Berkeley's web-based marketplace where we go to shop and manage most of our business-related purchases and payments.  Let Business Services create your shopping carts until you are comfortable using BearBuy on your own.  Send your requests to

How to get to BearBuy (PDF)
Learn how to use BearBuy
What does our BearBuy process look like? (PDF)

Use Bearbuy electronic forms

Our job tools have been designed to complement campus job aids and incorporate Berkeley Law-specific instructions for Shoppers and Requisition Creators.

Which BearBuy catalog or form should I use for my purchase or payment? (Excel) Updated 5/11/12
List of Expense Accounts (PDF)
How to Prepare a General Reimbursement in BearBuy (PDF) Updated 9/10/12
How to Prepare a Temporary Staffing Order in BearBuy (PDF) Updated 11/29/12
How to Prepare a Service Order Request in BearBuy (PDF) Updated 11/29/12
How to Prepare a New Faculty Relocation Order in BearBuy (PDF) Updated 6/5/12
How to Prepare New Faculty House-Hunting and Relocation Trip Expense Reimbursements in BearBuy (PDF)

Office Supplies

There are two contract suppliers for office products - OfficeMax and Give Something Back - and both have catalogs hosted on BearBuy.  If the products you want to buy are not available from these suppliers, send your request to orders@law and the Business Services team will locate an appropriate supplier on your behalf.


Consult with Berkeley Law's IS&T group in advance so they can ensure that the items purchased are compatible with our existing technology.


When you install a new cartridge, put the used cartridge in the empty bubble sleeve, close the box, and place it in outgoing campus mail.  Funds generated from the cartridge recycling program benefit the entire campus.


All furniture, appliances, and non-computing equiment purchases require pre-approval by the Chief Financial Officer (fund availability) and Building Services (space availability and access, utilities). Appliances and non-computing equipment include (but are not limited to) such items as office refrigerators, microwaves, water coolers, and space heaters.

Ergonomic Furniture and Supplies

Contact Anhara Alexander ( if you would like a workstation evaluation and advice on selecting the appropriate ergonomic furniture and other items for your particular needs.