Law and Economics Faculty

  • Alan Auerbach
    tax policy and public finance
  • Kenneth Ayotte
    bankruptcy law and corporate finance 
  • Robert Bartlett
    finance and business law
  • Robert Cooter
    private law, constitutional law and econ, law and economic development
  • Steven Davidoff Solomon
    corporate law, mergers & acquisitions, securities regulation, and law and finance   
  • Aaron Edlin
    antitrust, business law, contract theory
  • Stavros Gadinis
    securities regulation and international business transactions
  • Andrew Guzman
    international trade,private international law,regulation of international
    business activity, choice of law, arbitration, public international law, contracts
  • Prasad Krishnamurthy
    financial regulation, antitrust and competition policy, law and development, and distributive justice
  • Justin McCrary
    public policy and economics
  • Peter Menell
    intellectual property, new technology, environmental law and policy, property law
  • Robert Merges
    intellectual property
  • Daniel Rubinfeld
    antitrust, federalism, public economics, state and local finance,
    economics of litigation, applied econometrics
  • Eric Talley
    corporate and commercial law, quantitative methods in law,
    behavioral law and economics, law and game theory