The Criminal Justice Conversations Podcast with David Onek

Grant Interview Highlights

Grant on Taking Responsibility Rather Than Always Blaming the Police
“I started finally coming to understand, to finally start looking in the mirror and say, wait, the person who caused all the problems in my life was me and the things I liked to do… I stopped making enemies out of the police department… We don’t service ourselves on the streets by acting like it’s all the police’s fault. We have to take ownership to what am I doing to be the police’s job all the time.”

Grant on Fostering Understanding Between Youth and Police
“We want the officers to understand the youth more, but we want the youth to understand the officers more.”

Grant on Providing Employment Opportunities for People with Prior Convictions
 “The advocacy that we found that’s important is for somebody to go forward, positioned and tempered, to develop personal relationships with employers… If we, as a society, can say that everything that is receiving funding from our community needs to embrace back our community. These are people in our community… You have to realize the loved ones are coming back home. We need to embrace them when they get back home and give them opportunity.”

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