Working Papers

Working Paper Series

Volume 2005

John C. Yoo
Using Force [PDF, 385 KB]

Andrew T. Guzman
Power Plays & Capacity Constraints: The Selection of Defendants in WTO Disputes [PDF, 143 KB]

Andrew T. Guzman
The Design of International Agreements [PDF, 172 KB]

Andrew T. Guzman
Food Fears: Health and Safety at the WTO [PDF, 146 KB]

John C. Yoo & Julian Ku
Beyond Formalism in Foreign Affairs: A Functional Approach to the Alien Tort Statute [PDF, 44 KB]

Volume 2004

Andrew T. Guzman
The Case for International Antitrust [PDF, 125 KB]

John C. Yoo
Peeking Abroad?: The Supreme Court's Use of Foreign Precedents in Constitutional Cases [PDF, 44 KB]

John C. Yoo
War, Responsibility, and the Age of Terrorism [PDF, 44 KB]

Andrew Guzman, et al
Competing for Capital: The Diffusion of Bilateral Investment Treaties, 1960-2000

John C. Yoo & Eric A. Posner
A Theory of International Adjudication

Volume 2003

Please note: All papers are downloadable in MS Word or Adobe PDF format.

John C. Yoo
International Law and the War in Iraq

Richard H. Steinberg
Judicial Law-Making, Internal Transparency, and External Transparency: Recent
Institutional Developments at the WTO
[PDF, 228 KB]

Oona A. Hathaway
The Cost of Commitment [284 KB]

John K. Setear
Evolution and Neo-Realism [153 KB]

Andrew T. Guzman
Global Governance and the WTO [399 KB]

Andrew T. Guzman
The Political Economy of Litigation and Settlement at the WTO [248 KB]

John C. Yoo & James C. Ho
International Law and the War on Terrorism [188 KB]

Robert J. Delahunty and John C. Yoo
The President's Constitutional Authority to Conduct Military Operations Against Terrorist Organizations and the Nations that Harbor or Support Them [100 KB]

John C. Yoo
War and the Constitutional Text [296 KB]

Volume 2002

Andrew T. Guzman, 02-01
A Compliance Based Theory of International Law [3.4 MB]

Kal Raustiala, 02-02
The Architecture of International Cooperation [315 KB]

Robert Howse, 02-03
From Politics To Technocracy--And Back Again: The Fate Of The Multilateral Trading Regime [157 KB]

G. Mitu Gulati, 02-04
Sovereign Bonds And The Collective Will [245 KB]
(Forthcoming in the Emory Law Journal, 2002.)

Beth Simmons, 02-05
Why Commit? Explaining State Acceptance of International Human Rights Obligation [514 KB]

David Wippman, 02-06
The Role of Law and Politics in the Negotiations Over the International Criminal Court [164 KB]
(All Rights Reserved. This is a chapter from a forthcoming book, The Politics of Law in International Relations edited by Chris Reus-Smit and Paul Keal.)

Kenneth W. Abbott, 02-07
Transformation: Alternative Pathways To International Legalization [118 KB]

Alan O. Sykes, 02-08
International Trade And Human Rights: An Economic Perspective [99 KB]

Howard F. Chang, 02-09
Risk Regulation, Public Concerns, And The Hormones Dispute: Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself [97 KB]

Marc Busch and Eric Reinhardt, 02-10
Transatlantic Trade Conflicts & GATT/WTO Dispute Settlement [178 KB]