Berkeley Law has long been home to many of the nation's leading scholars in international law. (See History).

Today, the international law faculty is known for its work on international issues that draws both upon traditional legal methods and upon interdisciplinary perspectives, such as history, political science, and economics. Deeply involved in the most pressing international issues of the day, the work of Berkeley Law faculty can be found in the latest books, the leading law journals, and in the nation's major papers and magazines.

Berkeley Law's faculty also is committed to integrating theory with practice. Berkeley Law faculty members hold or have held significant governmental positions involving international law, and they help place students in externships in the United States and abroad. Berkeley Law's faculty also offers significance experience for students through the international human rights clinical and large-scale cooperative research projects.

Robert C. Berring

Walter Perry Johnson Professor of Law.
B.A., Harvard University; M.L.S., UC Berkeley; J.D., Boalt Hall.
Tel: 510-642-6205
Fax: 510-643-5039
E-mail: berringr@law.berkeley.edu
Homepage: Berring Faculty Profile
Chinese Law
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Richard M. Buxbaum

Jackson H. Ralston Professor of International Law.
A.B., LL.B., Cornell University; LL.M., Boalt Hall.
Tel: 510-642-1771
Fax: 510-643-2698
E-mail: bux@law.berkeley.edu
Comparative Corporate Law, International Business Transactions, International Securities
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David D. Caron

C. William Maxeiner Distinguished Professor of Law.
B.S., U.S. Coast Guard Academy; M.Sc. (Marine Law & Policy), University of Wales; JD, Boalt Hall; Diploma, Hague Academy of International Law; Doctorandus, Dr. Jur., Leiden University.
Tel: 510-642-7249
Fax: 510-643-2673
E-mail: ddcaron@law.berkeley.edu
Homepage: http://www.law.berkeley.edu/faculty/ddcaron/
Public International Law, Private International Disputes, Ocean Law, International Environmental Law, International Organizations
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Laurel Fletcher

Acting Clinical Professor of Law.  Director, International Human Rights Clinic.
BA, Brandeis University; JD, Harvard Law School
Tel: 510-643-4792
Fax: 510-643-4625
E-mail: lef@law.berkeley.edu
International Human Rights
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Andrew Guzman

Professor of Law. Director, International Legal Studies Program.
BS University of Toronto; JD, Ph.D., Harvard University.
Tel: 510-642-8074
Fax: 510-642-3728
E-mail: guzman@law.berkeley.edu
Home page: Guzman Faculty Profile
International Finance, International Securities, International Trade, International Antitrust, International Bankruptcy, Choice of Law
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Christopher Kutz

Professor of Law
B.A Yale University; JD Yale Law School; Ph.D. UC Berkeley
Tel: 510-642-6053
Fax: 510-642-2951
E-mail: ckutz@law.berkeley.edu
International Law and Ethics
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John K. McNulty

Roger J. Traynor Professor of Law.
AB, Swarthmore College; LL.B., Yale University
Tel: 510-642-1928
Fax: 510-643-2672
E-mail: mcnultyj@law.berkeley.edu
International Tax

Harry N. Scheiber

Stefan A. Riesenfeld Professor of Law and History.
AB Columbia University; Ph.D., Cornell University
Tel: 510-642-4038
Fax: 510-642-2951
E-mail: scheiber@law.berkeley.edu
Ocean Law & Policy

John C. Yoo

Professor of Law.
AB, Harvard University; JD, Yale University.
Tel: 510-643-5089
Fax: 510-642-3728
E-mail: yoo@law.berkeley.edu
Homepage: http://www.law.berkeley.edu/faculty/yooj
Foreign Relations Law, International Civil Litigation, International Law & Ethics, International Trade, International Organization, Int'l Law Seminar
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