Berkeley Law is one of the leading legal centers in the nation for the study of international law and politics. It seeks to advance the understanding of international affairs through the analysis of international law, politics, and business. Its faculty members work on the cutting edge of legal scholarship, combining traditional doctrinal and institutional analysis with the latest interdisciplinary perspectives. Their articles and opinion pieces appear in recent books, leading law journals, and the national papers.

The program offers a number of introductory courses, advanced seminars, and clinical programs. With eight full-time faculty members teaching in the program, supplemented by several visiting scholars from throughout the United States and foreign nations, and more than a dozen courses offered each year, students at Berkeley Law have the flexibility to shape a curriculum that meets their interests in both depth and breadth. Students also enjoy the opportunity to work closely on advanced research projects with Berkeley Law faculty, many of whom are among the leading international law scholars and practitioners in the nation. The program integrates scholarship with practice through its international human rights clinic, in which students represent clients in asylum litigation and human rights projects.

These course offerings are supplemented by several extracurricular opportunities. Berkeley Law has available externships in international organizations. Students manage the Berkeley Journal of International Law (BJIL), which offers the opportunity for student writing and editing in close collaboration with faculty, and which (with faculty participation) puts on a symposium every other year. Students and faculty also organize talks that allow students to meet with faculty, foreign visitors, prominent practitioners, and others to discuss international issues and to explore career possibilities in these fields.

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International Legal Studies
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School of Law
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Andrew Guzman
Professor of Law
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Jennifer Zahgkuni
Administrator, International Legal Studies
phone: 510-643-4653
fax: 510-642-9893

For information on visiting scholars:
Program Coordinator, Visiting Scholars Program
phone: 510-642-6403
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