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Silbert Interview Highlights

Silbert on the Goals of Delancey Street’s Training Schools:
“Most of our training schools… the first reason of their existence is to teach our people to interact positively with people they have never interacted with, regular straight middle class America, people they are terrified of, and secondly to teach regular straight middle class America that this is what a dope fiend ex-convict who you think should be either put away for the rest of his life or killed, this is what he can change and become.”
Silbert on Options for Dealing with Criminal Offenders:
“I am going to describe two options. One option: you get put somewhere where you don’t have to work, where you don’t learn anything, where the government – the taxpayer – pays $40,000 to $50,000 dollars. Here’s the second option: the government pays nothing, you have to wake up at 7:00 am, you have to work eight hours a day, you must get educated, you must volunteer in the community… Which would you rather see?”
Silbert on Her Message to Offenders:
“Don’t expect society to take care of you because you screwed up -- in fact it’s the opposite: earn back your place in society, be decent and then you won’t be a criminal or a dope fiend in fact you’ll be a tax paying person who respects your society and contributes to it…You want to stop them, bring them, teach them, change them, make their values strong, old fashioned, be accountable, work ethic, work hard, earn your way… Every politician can explain that and we can turn this thing around. It is not unfixable -- it just takes guts.”

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