Spring 2010 Courses

Spring 2010 Courses – Business Law and Related Subjects

Business Law

216            Law and Economics Workshop
216.8         The Law & Policy of Modern Consumer Payment Systems
248.3         Advanced Torts: Harm to Reputation, Privacy, and Economic Interests
249            Introduction to Finance of Businesses **NEW**
250.4         Business and Tax Law from a Social Justice Perspective **NEW**
250.9         Lawyers and Entrepreneurship: Investment Process and Methodology **NEW**
250A          Corporations I
250B          Corporations II
251.7         Techniques of Financial Analysis for Lawyers
251.9         Hedge Funds and Investment Management Law
252.8         Antitrust and the Internet **NEW**
253.2         Partnerships and LLC's
254.5         Insurance Law
255            Business Law Seminar: Venture Capital and IPO Law
256.1         Drafting Legal Documents for New Business
256.12       New Business Counseling Practicum
256.7         Interactions of Legal and Business Imperatives
256.9         Secured Transactions, Art 9
257.4         Business and Legal Issues in Real Estate Development
257.55       Construction Law Research **NEW**
257.7         Constructing the Corporate Deal
277.5         Mergers and Acquisitions in High Tech
MBA295D.1 New Venture Finance **NEW**


258.4         Not-For-Profit Organizations
258.5         Partnership Tax
258.7         Corporate Tax
259.1A       International Tax Law
259A          Income Tax I
260            Perspectives on Tax Policy


227.21      Employment Law
227.6        Supremacy and Commerce
261.8        Contemporary Chinese Legal Institutions **NEW**
262.3        International Trade
275.3        Introduction to Intellectual Property
276.45      Digital Markets
279.5        Intellectual Property: Decisions, Strategies, Business Models
244.1        Complex Civil Litigation
244.2        Remedies
245           Negotiations
245.4        First Year Negotiations