Request Basics for Student Orgs and Journals

Rooms for events at Berkeley Law

All event requests for use of classrooms are processed through the office of room planning to avoid conflicts with classes and other events. What's an event? It’s any scheduled gathering that's not a class. Classes have first priority; classes are handled by the Boalt Registrar as class time must be tracked and reported to the American Bar Association for degree completion.


Individual students may not request classrooms, only registered student groups and journals. (Individual students have access to student study/conference rooms through a student body account.) Your group must be registered with Student Services/Boalt Hall Student Association. If your group is listed on the Berkeley Law or BHSA site it’s likely this office already has an entry for your group, but specific contact information will need to be submitted. Otherwise you will need to contact the office of Student Services to register your group.  

Request system on the web

The preferred method for making requests for rooms is via the web based request system. The system displays graphically what is already scheduled and can help you make your request based on real time data. Site authentication is through CalNet, so group account holders can access the site as soon as their Boalt account is activated. If you already have a student body study room account, this will be another option on the same site; you do not loose anything by acting as a room request person for your group.  


Remember access comes through CalNet so your group will need to delegate/appoint/elect a maximum of two (2) people to request for your group. This is not automatic, simply email room planning to establish these accounts. See 'Next Steps' section below for details.  

Ground Rules for Room Use

This is a Law School, not a conference center. Classes cannot be moved to accommodate an event. Reservations are assigned on a first come, first served basis. While it is good to be fast, please don’t sacrifice accuracy on your request. Nothing is gained by reserving the right room on the wrong day. Room clean up is the responsibility of the reserving group, there is no leeway between the lunch hour and the following classes. Do not leave the room full of pizza boxes and spilled drinks, such a lapse is an Honor Code violation and will be referred to the Dean of Students.
For details see: Student Terms of Use section

Facilities and Media

Both Facilities (room set-up) and Media (AV set-up), should you need them, require a minimum of three working days to fit you into their workload once you have a confirmed reservation. Events are in addition to the classes they are already supporting. Their email addresses appear at the top of every confirmation.
Facilities email:
Media email:

Weekend Events

Send your request a minimum of two weeks in advace of the weekend you are requesting. Weekend room openings are handled by multiple Campus agencies. Time must be allowed to process the request and get it to those agencies, and for them to process and distribute the request to their appropriate personnel.  


Alcohol - The person submitting the alcohol permit must be the same person who made the room request. You must have your completed permit in the hands of Gar Russell, Director of Operations, a minimum of TEN working days before the event.- UCPD needs seven working days to process an alcohol event permit, plus the handling needed here at Boalt.
Steps and requirements are detailed in the Alcohol Permits section  

Confirmations, Turn Around and Start of Semester Delay

You should receive a confirmation for your event in about one working day. Exceptions to this would be if you are planning an event with alcohol, requesting a space that has use restrictions or it’s currently before a new semester or the first weeks of a new semester. Events in classrooms during class hours occurring in the first weeks of the semester receive approved-conditional status and may be moved/changed as the class schedule is being adjusted during this period. Once the Registrar releases the rooms for general use events that received approved-conditional status will be confirmed. Events that occur before the rooms are released will be confirmed on a case by case basis.  

Rules of Thumb

  • Finalize a room BEFORE you finalize with a speaker, if you finalize with a speaker first and then you discover we are full up, the only thing I can do is recommend you rent a venue off Boalt campus.
  • Once you have a room confirmation contact Facilities and/or Media should you need room set-up or A/V support. Their email addresses appear at the top of every confirmation.
  • Keep the turnaround times in mind when requesting from Facilities and Media and when involving other UC Campus agencies, e.g. alcohol permits and U.C.P.D.
  • When in doubt ask. Media, Facilities and Room Planning all want you to have a good event. If you are unsure about the utility of a given room or if your laptop will work with a projector we can help, but again lead time is the key. Don’t wait till day of the event.


Next Steps to Using the On-line System 

  • Recruit up to two requesters.
  • When you have your requester(s) send an email to room planning and include:  
  1. group affiliation
  2. name(s) as registered at Berkeley Law
  3. email
  4. phone number (not required but a good idea)  

 Room Planning email:

Keeping in Touch

Group Email, while not required is a really good idea. Should you establish a group email address contact room planning to have it added to the group account so confirmations can also go to that address. This is an easy way for your entire group to have access to reservation confirmations, general correspondence, etc. as CC-ing everything to that address is cheap and automatic back-up.