Fall 2010 Courses

UC Berkeley School of Law Courses

Upcoming or recent courses offered at Berkeley Law that are of particular interest to students interested in economic and family security appear below:

2010-2011 Academic Year

Fall ‘10
222.7                                Rethinking the Social Safety Net for Working Families – Lester/O’Leary
223                                   Administrative Law – Bamberger
225                                   Legislation – Ross
229                                   Courts & Social Policy – Feeley
260.1                                Tax Policy and Public Finance – Auerbach
263.2                                Business, Social Responsibility and Human Rights – O’Connell
281.2                                California Marital Property – Kay
281.3                                Children and the Law – Hollinger
285.4                                Consumer Protection Law – Mermin
282.1                                Domestic Violence Law – Lemon
284.21                              The Future of Reproductive Rights: Doctrine and Discourse – Luker
286.6                                Race, Sexuality and the Law – Robinson
287                                   Disability Rights – Mayerson
288                                   Immigration Law – Volpp


Berkeley Law Clinicals

The following clinical and practicum opportunities are offered at Berkeley Law and may be of particular interest to students interested in economic and family security.

  • EBCLC: (All units are applicable, in particular the Income Support Clinic)


Other UC Berkeley Courses

These courses (or ones quite similar) focusing on issues related to economic and family security law and policy are offered regularly on the UC Berkeley campus. The ones listed below are being offered in the 2010-2011 Academic Year.  Berkeley Law students may count towards their JD degree up to 8 credits of work completed in classes outside the School of Law. The rules for taking such courses are available online on the School of Law website Registrar’s page. For more information and to understand these regulations better, please contact the Registrar’s office:

University of California, Berkeley
    Boalt School of Law
    Office of the Registrar
    270 Simon Hall
    Berkeley, CA 94720-7200
    Phone Number: (510) 642-2278
    Fax Number: (510) 642-2277

or visit Berkeley Law - Academic Rules

It is the responsibility of the individual student to be informed about such regulations before deciding on coursework.


Goldman School of Public Policy Courses

Fall ‘10
260, sec.1                         Leadership, Management and Social Change/Leadership Strategy – Reich
C275                                 Housing and the Urban Economy – Quigley
290, sec 2                         Special Topics in Public Policy (Financial Management of Non-Profit Organizations) – Courtney


UC Berkeley School of Social Welfare Courses

Fall ‘10
112, sec. 1                        Social Welfare Policy – Gustavson
220, sec. 1                        Introduction to Social Welfare Policy – Gilbert
254, sec. 1                        Policy Practice  --  Social Welfare – Berrick


UC Berkeley School of Public Health Courses

Fall ‘10
213A                                 Family Planning, Population Change, and Health – Prata


Haas School of Business Courses

Fall ‘10
MBA286.1                         Housing and the Urban Economy – Quigley