Curriculum Guide

Health, Economic & Family Security Curriculum at Berkeley Law

Dear Berkeley Law Students,

The mission of the Berkeley Center on Health, Economic & Family Security (Berkeley CHEFS) is to develop and advance creative solutions to address the economic risks faced by working families in the United States with a focus on improving access to health care, developing better protections for workers on leave from their jobs, supporting working parents in a flexible workplace, and ensuring seniors can be secure in their retirement. 

Berkeley Law offers courses that will prepare you to be engaged in tackling these problems when you finish law school.  Links to upcoming and recent course descriptions at Berkeley Law and to graduate students throughout the University of California Berkeley appear here.  This curriculum guide is primarily intended for the law student interested in practicing law as legislative or administrative lawyer working in government or working as an advocate, but it will also be useful for students interested in practicing in a private law firm or as a government civil litigator.

We hope that you will find this guide useful.  Please do not hesitate to contact us or the Registrar should you have any questions about these courses or others not listed here.


Mary Ann Mason
Berkeley CHEFS

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Health Security
Economic & Family Security