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BCLT Scholars Play Key Role on New Microsoft-Sponsored Site

By Andrew Cohen

The Berkeley Center for Law & Technology (BCLT) is playing a major role in a new Web site, launched by Microsoft, which aims to advance the public dialogue on technology and innovation issues—and shape the policy debate about them.

The site, Technology-Academics-Policy (TAP), was created to serve as a clearinghouse of ideas and research and a go-to source for media and policy makers to find prominent sources. Sponsored by Microsoft, TAP features original research and opinions from top experts that explore myriad public policy issues such as: the impact of technological innovation in intellectual property, patents, and licensing; cloud computing, software, and services; competition policy and antitrust; and privacy and security.

“TAP will bring to the forefront the best and brightest minds whose ideas will greatly influence the public debate on the most pressing technology issues of the day,” says Kathryn Neal, Microsoft’s academic relations director.

More than 80 academics—from leading institutions that in addition to Berkeley Law include Harvard, Stanford, the University of Chicago, Northwestern, and the University of Pennsylvania—contribute to the site. They produce articles, some previously written and others penned specifically for TAP, as well as blog entries to promote research and generate substantive policy debate around the topics discussed. The list of Berkeley Law scholars contributing to the site is available here.

“It’s extremely valuable to have these top academic institutions engaging in a substantive debate that will help shape policy on important technology issues,” says BCLT executive director Robert Barr. “I’m pleased that BCLT will make a significant contribution to this effort.”