Instructor's Informational Session - Fall 2010

As a follow-up to our Instructor's Informational Session for Fall 2010 / Spring 2011, we have added a webpage and included the video from the session. Thank you to all who attended.

Listed below are a few universal questions:

CalNet ID
Your CalNet ID gives you access to nearly everything that you will need to do related to your course(s) including access to your class roster, your bspace course page, e-grades, etc. Duration of appointments vary, so if your previous appointment had an end date; thus causing a break in service, then your calnet id will need to be reactivated. If you can not remember your calent id or it was not given to you, please contact Karen White at 510.643.6271.

Reactivation is required each semester for appointments with end dates.

Calnet Directory Update
If there is not a current valid email address in the directory, you will not be able to submit grades.
Update Calnet Directory:

Email Account
To submit grades, you also need an Berkeley or Law School email address. Create your official email address by going to CalMail:

You each have a mailbox just inside of the foyer of the Dean's office (on the south wall between the Dean's Conference Room and the Dean's Seminar Room). Students and others can leave things there for you. You can leave handouts for your students in room 215c.

Parking Information and/or Permits
Campus parking Information (P&T) is available through the campus Parking and Transportation office at:
They're located at 2150 Kittredge Street, Berkeley CA 94720-5740 | (510) 643-7701 | Their hours of operation are 7:30am - 4:00pm Monday - Friday

Street parking in the neighborhood surrounding Boalt Hall is controlled by parking restrictions (e.g., two hour limits). If you park in the City of Berkeley, please check carefully for posted parking restrictions. Most parking meters now take quarters, nickels and dimes.

The following list public parking lots located near Boalt Hall will help you if street parking is unavailable. These lots are also indicated on the downloadable Campus Map. ( All lots require a fee for parking. Parking is at your own risk.

  • College Avenue between Bancroft Way and Durant Avenue (east side of street)
  • Bancroft Way between College Avenue and Bowditch Street (left side of street)
  • Bancroft Way between Bowditch Street and Telegraph Avenue (left side of street)
  • Bancroft Way between Telegraph Avenue and Dana Street (right side of street)
  • Durant Avenue/Channing Way between Ellsworth Street and Dana Street
  • Channing Way between Ellsworth Street and Dana Street

Limited administrative support is provided through our Faculty Support unit. Please contact Erin Reynolds, FSU Manager at (510) 643-1021 or

No allocated budget for guest speakers, traveling or copying expenses. Specific expenditures requiring reimbursement must be approved by Gillian Lester; otherwise, they will not be reimbursed. (Gillian's contact information is listed below.)

Office Space
The law school is currently undergoing a tremendous amount of renovation and the construction of a new building. Unfortunately, we currently have no available office space for lecturers to use on a regular basis. We encourage you to use the time in your classrooms either immediately before or after class (where possible), Cafe Zeb, or other locations that are convenient for students. If you have specific needs that cannot be met by these options, please contact Gar Russell, Director of Operations (510) 642-1725 or to discuss your particular situation.

bSpace sites are normally created by our IST dept; however, if you develop and update your own site please give them access to it; otherwise, you will be missing tools that are created specifically for and by the Law School. For example, online seating charts.

Course Syllabus or Assignment
You can distribute your syllabus or attached your assignment to either the bSpace website ( or your course website (

Course Email list
Go to, select Bear Facts for Faculty/Staff, log in with your Calnet id/passphase and then select student reports.

Computer Use
With your CalNet ID, you can use the computer lab in the law library. Please contact Michael Levy, Associate Director, Law Library at (510) 643-4025 or <>, if you wish to make use of those computers .

Faculty Bio
Please submit your faculty bio to:

Online Evaluations
Procedures and Sample forms:
View Evaluations: (only the instructor on record will have access to their evaluation)

UCB Benefits
(Change withholdings/ add benefits / W-2)

Points of contact

  • Student issues, academic rules, exam issues: Annik Hirshen, Dean of Students (510) 643-3057 or; or Mindi Mysliwiec, Director of
    Student Services (510) 642-3263 or
  • Course content issues: Susan Whitman, Assistant Dean, Academic Planning and Curriculum (510) 643-9566; or Prof. Gillian Lester, Associate Dean, JD Program (510) 642-5309.
  • Computer/web issues (Helpdesk): (510) 643-6862 or
  • Media Services: (510) 642-0488 or
  • Class Book / Class list / Roster: Registrars Office: (510) 642-2278 or
  • Emergency calls from a cell phone: (510) 642-3333
  • Emergency calls from a campus phone: 9-911