Matching Scholarship

Berkeley Law offers a competitive, merit-based scholarship program for admitted students designed to enable recipients to choose Berkeley Law.


Students admitted to Berkeley Law that have also received a scholarship offer from one of the 10 law schools listed below can apply for a Berkeley Law Matching Scholarship.

Columbia University View of campus from hills
Cornell University
Duke University
Harvard University
New York University
Stanford University
University of Chicago
University of Michigan
University of Pennsylvania
Yale University



Frequently Asked Questions






Does Berkeley Law ever give Matching Scholarships to admits that have scholarship offers from schools not on the list above?

The list of peer schools eligible for Matching Scholarship consideration indicated above is final. Every year, we receive inquiries from admitted students who receive scholarship offers from schools not on this list and who ask if we are able to make exceptions and allow them to apply. Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate those requests.


I have multiple scholarship offers, all from schools on the list. Which one should I send in for Matching Scholarship consideration?

The purpose of the Matching Scholarship program is to allow admitted students who would choose Berkeley Law, but for some pending scholarship offer from one of our peer institutions, to be able to do so. To that end, we recommend that you request consideration of the scholarship offer from the school you are most likely to attend if not Berkeley Law.

Many times admitted students choose to submit their most substantial scholarship offer, even if it is from a law school they have little interest in actually attending, presumably in order to trigger a larger Matching Scholarship. The reverse is also true in that admitted students send in smaller offers thinking we will be more likely to match them. Other times admitted students send in the offer from the highest-ranked school, even if it is not where they see themselves attending, presumably because they believe we will be more motivated to recruit from those schools. The fact of the matter is that the scholarship committee will make independent decisions for each application based on the strength of your materials, and not on how expensive you are or another school's ranking.

We do not review offers from multiple schools, you may select only one for consideration and apply only one time.


How do I apply for a Matching Scholarship?
Newly admitted students who wish to apply for the Matching Scholarship must complete the Matching Scholarship Application Form through the Admitted Students website. This section is restricted to admitted students and requires CalNet authentication. We strongly suggest that you also apply for general financial aid by completing the FAFSA and the Scholarship Interest Form.

You will submit the Matching Scholarship Application form electronically, and be prompted to attach supporting documents. In order for your Matching application to be considered complete, you must submit a copy of your scholarship offer from one of the schools listed above.


Are Matching Scholarships the only scholarships that Berkeley Law offers to newly admitted students?

No, there are a number of in-house scholarships that we administer including the Graduate Diversity Program award, Berkeley Law Dean's Fellowships, and others. More information about these scholarships is available on our Scholarships page. You may apply for general scholarship consideration by submitting the Scholarship Interest Form available within the Admitted Students website.

We also encourage you to research external scholarship opportunities. A good place to begin your search is our Outside Scholarships page.


When can I apply for a Matching Scholarship? When will I find out if I am selected?

We begin accepting applications in February. You are encouraged to apply as soon as possible, as awards will be made on a rolling basis. Priority will be given to applicants who submit all materials before April 15. Most decisions will be made by May 15. 


A school on the list offered me a scholarship in the amount of $15,000.00. Does getting a Matching Scholarship mean that Berkeley Law School will give me $15,000.00, too?

If you are selected for a Matching Scholarship you will be guaranteed a specific level of support that will be stipulated in your offer letter. However, this does not mean that you will receive precisely the same scholarship from us as from the other school. We may not offer you a full match, but might offer you a level of scholarship that we hope will make Berkeley Law an outstanding and affordable choice.

Matching Scholarships take into consideration what the other school is offering you and also look at that award in comparison to the overall cost of attendance at that school and at Berkeley Law. We also evaluate the merits of your individual application for a Matching Scholarship. 

Am I guaranteed a Matching Scholarship if I apply for one? What are the selection criteria?

This is a competitive, merit-based scholarship program. Not all applicants who submit their materials will be offered a Matching Scholarship. Successful applicants will show potential for outstanding and unique contributions to the Berkeley Law community, both in and out of the classroom.

Berkeley Law seeks to enroll students from a wide variety of backgrounds and priority for Matching Scholarships will be given to individuals who have demonstrated in their law school application that they have the potential to make significant contributions to the intellectual diversity of our entering class and who have potential for leadership.  The program will give consideration to applicants who have significant academic achievements and who have overcome barriers such as economic, social, or educational disadvantage. The number of awards granted each year is limited by the total funds available.


Will I get the Matching Scholarship all three years at Berkeley Law? Will it always be the same amount?

Once you have been selected as a Matching Scholarship recipient, you will maintain your eligibility during the three years (six semesters) that you are a J.D. degree candidate at Berkeley Law, assuming that you continue to make satisfactory academic progress.

The terms of your Matching Scholarship award will be spelled out in your offer letter, which we send via email. In all cases, a Matching Scholarship award is limited to six semesters of enrollment at Berkeley Law. Joint degree students are not able to recieve a Matching Scholarship award for any longer that the six semesters. In cases of extreme hardship that may require more than six semesters to earn a J.D., the student may request that the Scholarship Committee consider an exception to the six-semester rule. These situations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Any such request or change must first be approved by the Dean of Students before the Scholarship Committee can begin its consideration.


Berkeley Law is my first choice. Do I need to tell you that in order to qualify for a Matching Scholarship?

When applying for a Matching Scholarship, it is not necessary to indicate your definite intent to enroll.  The Matching Scholarship application process includes a chance to provide a brief statement about why Berkeley Law is where you want to earn your J.D. degree.


If I am offered a Matching Scholarship, how long will I have to respond to the offer? Will I need to also accept my admission offer at the same time?

We will send notification of your Matching Scholarship award via email with instructions on how to accept or decline the award. In keeping with the LSAC Statement of Good Admissions and Financial Aid Practices, we do not require a response to any scholarship offer before April 1. Typically, we will provide two weeks to accept or decline the scholarship, although we may shorten that period to as little as one week. Extensions may be requested and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  Deadline extensions are rare.

Acceptance of a Matching Scholarship offer indicates your definite intent to enroll at Berkeley Law School.  If you accept the Matching Scholarship award, you must also accept our offer of admission.  That means you must decline all other admission offers that you receive.

I would like request a deferral of my admission to Berkeley Law, and I was offered and accepted a Matching Scholarship. Can I also defer my Matching Scholarship?

Requests to defer admission must be sent directly to the Dean of Admissions. A deferment of your scholarship offer does not automatically follow an approved deferment of admission, and vice versa. You must separately request a scholarship deferment from the scholarship committee by emailing


How to I get more information about the Matching Scholarship Program?

Send us an email at 

Matching Scholarship Application Checklist

 Apply for financial aid by completing the FAFSA application (strongly recommended) and Supplemental Need-Based Grant Application.

 Submit a Matching Scholarship Application through the Admitted Students website

 Attach a copy of your scholarship offer letter when submitting your Matching Scholarship Application. You may also submit a supplemental statement in support of your application.