New Google Book Settlement Aims Only to Placate Governments

The Huffington Post


By Pamela Samuelson

Just past midnight on a Saturday morning may be a fine time to go to a jazz club in New York City. It is, however, an odd time and place to hold a press conference to announce the settlement of a lawsuit.

Yet, representatives of Google, the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers (AAP) apparently regarded the wee hours of November 14 as the optimal time to announce to the world the amended agreement they had just minutes before filed with a federal court to settle a lawsuit arising from Google's scanning of in-copyright books from major research libraries.

Holding the press conference at that hour had the distinct advantage of insulating the new deal from informed critical commentary for the first news cycle. It would take some time for the hundreds of objectors to version 1.0 of the Google Book Search (GBS) settlement to study revisions in GBS agreement 2.0, which now weighs in at 377 pages.