Boys and Young Men of Color Research Project

Promoting New Research and Analysis on Improving Outcomes for Young Men and Boys of Color

We have launched an 18-month project to collect the best available evidence on improving outcomes for young men and boys of color in urban communities.  We will commission two overview papers (demographics and framing) and a set of papers in four areas: Education, Health, Community Services and the Built Environment.  The end product will be a national conference and publishable collection of studies and policy briefs. 

The work will bring university-based scholars, community-based leaders and public policymakers together to consider integrated/inter-segmental approaches to improving the life-chances of young Black and Latino men.  A published collected volume will provide a road map of evidence-based intervention strategies for policymakers, local leaders and agencies. 

This project is being funded by The California Endowment.  For more information about the call for papers and national symposium, please visit the BMOC website.