Civil Rights Education Research Roundtable

The Warren Institute plans to convene a Civil Rights Education Research Roundtable which includes the leadership (policymaking and education program staff) of major civil rights membership organizations that have identified education as a national reform priority, such as: the National Urban League, the National Council of La Raza, the NAACP, the LCCR-EF, MALDEF, NALEO-EF, the Alliance for Excellent Education, the National Indian Education Association, the Asian American Justice Center and SEARAC.  A central goal of the Roundtable is to deepen civil rights leaders’ knowledge of education research and build stronger more productive ties between civil rights organizations and respected researchers across the country.  To accomplish this goal, the Warren Institute will:

  • convene an on-going learning community composed of national civil rights leaders to foster a deeper understanding of education research and evidence-based practices as they relate to shared civil rights goals in education; and
  • provide a neutral and common venue for sharing ideas and discovering strategic opportunities for advancing multi-cultural leadership on civil rights issues in education.


Roundtable members can login here