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Kerlikowske Interview Highlights

Kerlikowske on the War on Drugs:
"The war metaphor just doesn't work, because this is not just a public safety or a criminal justice problem, it is also - very, very much so - a public health problem... Calling it a war makes no sense."

Kerlikowske on Drugs as a Public Health Issue:
"The Obama Administration realizes and understands that addiction is a disease. And that isn't widely known. If you would have asked me ten years ago about addiction, I would have said it's an incredible moral failure and people should just get a backbone and straighten themselves up... You don't have to read a lot of the scientific journals and talk to a number of the researchers to clearly recognize and understand that addiction is diagnosable, it is a chronic disease, it is treatable." 

Kerlikowske on Prescription Drugs and Drugged Driving:
"What people are not recognizing are two huge significant changes. One is prescription drugs. These aren't coming across the borders. These are coming out of  our own medicine cabinets, and more people are suffering from addiction and fatal overdoses through prescription drugs than through many other substances. The other is on drugged driving... I think these two issues - prescription drugs and drugged driving - are not getting anywhere near the attention that they should."

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