CA Computer Scientists Charge U.S. EAC Misused Security Findings from Landmark E-Voting Study

The Brad Blog


The voting system, Premier's Assure 1.2 --- made by Premier Election Solutions, Inc. (formerly named Diebold Election System, Inc. and recently purchased by Election System and Software, Inc.) --- was granted federal certification by the EAC last August under new test protocols which "should not have received the EAC's approval," according to the letter penned by Aaron Burstein and Joseph Lorenzo Hall, and signed by twelve other investigators and participants in the TTBR project.


"iBeta interpreted the TTBR studies of the Premier system's predecessor [the older systems made by Diebold] to have 'concluded that the vulnerabilities within the system depend almost entirely on the effectiveness of the election procedures,'" write Burstein and Hall. "On the basis of this interpretation, iBeta developed a test plan that called for 'no additional testing' of the Premier system's security properties. The EAC approved this plan."