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This page highlights some of the recent work being done by Berkeley CHEFS on the topic of Family and Economic Security.

Shared Responsibility, Shared Risk: Government, Markets, and Social Policy in the Twenty First

October 16, 2009 - Washington, DC

The privatization of risk has become all the more stark in the past year with the collapse of the financial market, the rise in unemployment, record numbers of home foreclosures, continually rising health care costs and shrinking retirement funds. The Shared Responsibility, Shared Risk: Government, Markets, and Social Policy in the Twenty First Century project seeks to undertake an in-depth exploration of proposed solutions to reverse the privatization of risk in order to help protect the American worker and reinvigorate the economy. Conference was co-sponsored by the Social Science Research Council and the Center for American Progress.

Conference Agenda
Presenters Research Summary Pamphlet

Digital Recordings of conference sessions

Part I: Inspirations & Challenges for Shared Responsibility, Shared Risk

Part II: Improving the Climate for Family Economic Security

Part III: Health & Retirement Security

Part IV: Family and Social Supports

A complete volume is expected to be release in the Spring 2010. For more information on the upcoming volume, please send an email request to


The Shriver Report: A Woman's Nation Changes Everything

This groundbreaking report finds that America’s leading institutions – government, businesses, education, faith, and media – have not kept up with the changing nature of the American worker and the American family. The "Shriver Report" is a collaboration between Maria Shriver, the Center for American Progress, Berkeley CHEFS, and Time magazine to explore the current condition of U.S. women with a particular emphasis on the economic downturn's impact.   The report outlines how all parts of our culture have responded to one of the greatest social transformations of our time.  Ann O’Leary co-edited the volume, contributed to the Executive summary and co-authored a chapter entitled “Family Friendly for All Families.” Mary Ann Mason, Berkeley CHEFS Faculty Co-Director also contributed a chapter titled, "Better Educating Our New Breadwinners."

On October 19, 2009 a conference took place in Washington D.C.; policymakers, policy analysts, state and local advocates came together to discuss and examine the ideas that have been raised by the report. To find out more about this event click here.

To view the entire document, download the Executive Summary, individual chapters, etc., please follow this link:

To read the October 16, 2009 press release click here. 


Media Coverage

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Which Way, L.A.?: The Changing Lives of Women (and Everybody Else) KCRW - October 21, 2009 (Please note: segment starts at 28:40 on the counter)

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Berkeley CHEFS Research and Publications Related to this topic

Making Government Work for Families: The federal government’s role as employer and contractor in improving family-friendly policies
Ann O’Leary (2009)

A Defense of Paid Family Leave, Gillian Lester, Harvard Journal of Law and Gender, Vol 28, No. 1 (2005)

Short Term Paid Leave: A New Approach to Social Insurance and Employee Benefits,75 California Law Review 465 (1987)