Entering Student Checklist

Note: This information applies to JD students only.


Upon Applying



  • Submit the FAFSA by March 2. Required for any type of aid. This will allow us to offer you the basic loan package and provides us with financial information used in determining grants and scholarships. All citizens/permanent residents who apply are offered loans.
  • Complete and submit the Supplemental Application for Need-Based Grants by March 2 if you are applying for need-based aid.
  • Be sure to include complete parent information on the FAFSA and Supplemental Application unless you meet the criteria for independence. Students who submit all required information by the deadline will generally be included in the first round of offer letters around Admitted Students Weekend. Applications received after the deadline will be considered for need-based grants on a first-come first-served basis as funds remain available.
  • Transfer students - your deadline to submit the Supplemental Application is extended to June 1. As a transfer student, you must also include the summer earnings portion of the form.





  • Check your financial aid offer through BearFacts. Please note: your financial aid offer is not available until April and may not show a complete offer at that time if any part of your application is missing.
  • Complete your Statement of Legal Residence (available mid-April) through BearFacts by June 1. It is important that this be done early as processing can take up to several months. You will be held responsible for paying non-resident fees until processing is complete, which may result in a reduced financial aid refund (or none at all).
  • Sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer (available mid-April) to avoid waiting in long lines for your refund check.
  • Transfer students – submit the Supplemental Application for Need-Based Grants. This form is required (in addition to the FAFSA) before any grant offer can be made. Please note that any offer made based on this form is only an estimate. The Statement of Confirmed Summer Earnings, due in July (see below), will determine your actual eligibility and must also be submitted before the grant will pay.



  • Accept any loans you wish to borrow through BearFacts.
  • If borrowing the Grad PLUS, accept the amount you wish to borrow through BearFacts. You should not borrow more than you need. See Grad PLUS guidelines.
  • Complete the Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note for Direct Stafford Loans at studentloans.gov if you plan to borrow the subsidized and/or unsubsidized loans.
  • Complete the Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note for Graduate PLUS Loans at studentloans.gov if you plan to borrow the Grad PLUS loan.



  • Transfer students – submit the Statement of Confirmed Summer Earnings. The information on this form is used to verify your estimated eligibility for need-based grants and is therefore required before your grant will be “accepted” on BearFacts in order to pay to your CARS billing account.



  • Pay the fall portion of your fees by August 15. If you are paying out of pocket and wish to pay your fees in monthly installments, find out more about the Deferred Payment Plan.