2850 Telegraph BEP

As a building occupant, it is your responsibility to be familiar with this plan. If you have questions, consult your Building Coordinator, Department Safety Coordinator, or Safety Committee representative. As you read this document, pay particular attention to:

  • Evacuation routes, exit points, and the location of your Emergency Assembly Area
  • When and how to evacuate the building
  • Locations of emergency equipment, supplies, and materials, such as fire extinguishers, pull alarms, first aid kits, emergency eye wash stations, and emergency showers
  • Proper procedures for notifying emergency responders about an emergency
  • Your emergency responsibilities, if you are assigned any, such as being a roll taker or floor monitor
  • Potential fire hazards in your building
  • Potential exposure to hazardous materials or processes in and around your work area, and means of protecting yourself in the event of an emergency

Building Emergency Plan(PDF)