Reprint Permission Requests

Permission from the University of California or the California Law Review is required to reprint any articles, or excerpts of articles, published in any Berkeley Law journal.  All such requests are processed by the Publications Coordinator.


Permission to reprint articles is granted with the stipulation that the requestor also independently obtains the permission of, and negotiates a separate reprint fee with, the author(s).


Requests should include:


  • Article title
  • Author (primary or first author in the case of co-authors)
  • Journal name
  • Volume and issue
  • Page numbers
  • Number of copies


Send permissions requests in writing to the Publications Coordinator by U.S. Mail or by email to


Journal Publications

Berkeley Law Business Services

2850 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 500 #7220

Berkeley, CA 94705-7220


Classroom Use


Select one of these two options to request reprint permission:


  • Contact the Copyright Clearance Center directly at
  • Send your request to the Publications Coordinator with the required information, as well as the names of the teacher, academic institution and department offering the course; the academic term in which the material will be used; and the specific course title.  Classroom use permissions processed by the Publications Coordinator are typically provided free of charge.