Offprint Orders and Forms

Offprints, also known as “reprints,” are individually bound publications of a single article included in a journal issue.  Since authors do not receive financial remuneration, journals typically provide each author with (25) complimentary offprints of each article and (2) complimentary issues of the journal in which the article has been published. 


Four things you should know about offprint orders:


  • Offprint orders must be received before the journal issue is printed.  Offprints requests processed after a journal has been printed are extremely expensive.
  • If a journal decides to offer fewer than (25) complimentary offprints to each author, the printer will still charge the minimum quantity of (25) offprints per article in the journal issue, as stipulated in the University purchase order with this vendor.    
  • Offprint order forms must be submitted for each issue, even if authors are not ordering additional offprints.
  • Offprint order forms are specific to each journal.


Offprint costs are based on the page length of the article and the number of offprints requested.  As soon as the page count has been determined, the journal should email the offprint order form to the author with the page count for his/her article.  Offprint order forms are journal specific, so make sure you are using the form that corresponds to your journal.


Authors may order up to an additional (225) offprints at their own expense.  Payment by credit card is processed via a third-party payment acceptance website and instructions are provided on the offprint order form.  Orders for more than (250) offprints (a total of 25 complimentary and 225 additional) must be produced on a larger press than that used by the vendor to produce standard quantities, which significantly increases the author’s cost per page.  Authors interested in purchasing more than (250) offprints may request a separate price quotation via e-mail to the Publications Coordinator.


Only one offprint order should be submitted for articles with co-authors.  The primary, or first, author should complete the offprint order which includes offprints for co-authors.  The order will be shipped to the primary author who is responsible for distributing offprints to co-authors.  Offprint order forms must be submitted for each issue, even if authors are not ordering additional offprints, since this form provides contact and shipping information needed to process the complimentary offprints.


Offprints are produced after the journal issue has been printed and are shipped to the authors via UPS ground.  Authors should expect to receive offprints approximately two weeks after the issue in which the article appears has been printed.  If an author reports that offprints have not been received within three weeks, the journal should notify the Publications Coordinator who will work with the printer to track the shipment. 


Offprint Order Forms:         


Sample offprint order

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