Events and Entertainment

Entertainment flyers, forms, instructions and event coordinator resources are located on the Business Services Forms and Flyers web page.

Three things you need to know about entertainment:

  • Entertainment refers to food and beverages consumed by academic and staff employees, students, donors, guests, visitors, volunteers, and other individuals during the course of a business-related activity(meeting, conference, workshop, class, social event).
  • An Event Planner credit card is available to pay vendors directly for journal food and beverage purchases.
  • Send your requests for entertainment-related purchases to The Card Program Administrator in Business Services is your resource for event-related plans and purchases, including journal retreats and year-end banquets.


As soon as you plan to place a restaurant order or catering reservation, complete an Entertainment Certification Form to tell the Card Program Administrator about the business purpose of your event and to authorize use of the Event Planner credit card to pay for your purchase.



For your health and safety, certain events require permits issued by the campus Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) office or the UC Police Department (UCPD). Forms and instructions are available on the website of the permit issuer and the Publications Coordinator will facilitate permit submissions:

  • BBQ permit issued by EH&S Fire Marshal
  • Alcohol permit issued by UCPD
  • Tent permit issued by EH&S Fire Marshal
  • Food permits issued by EH&S for events serving more than 25 guests
  • Facilities Use Permit for student events hosted in campus venues outside of Berkeley Law



Journal events held at non-Berkeley Law venues, such as the YMCA on Bancroft Way or International House on Piedmont Avenue, often require a Certificate of Insurance for the student group hosting the activity.  Since the University’s self-insurance program does not cover student groups, journals may be required to purchase an individual policy for their event.  The Publications Coordinator can complete this transaction using a University credit card and provide a copy of the required insurance certificate to the venue. 



A list of preferred food/beverage vendors is available on the Forms and Flyers web page.  These vendors have current Certificates of Insurance on file with the campus and have successfully passed city health inspections in the past year.  Most vendors on the list accept credit card payments by phone or fax and do not require the Event Planner cardholder to be present when food is delivered to the journal office or Berkeley Law event location.



Snacks purchased for journal offices may be purchased with approval in advance from the journal’s managing editor.  Someone other than the buyer should check each item against the store receipt to confirm that all purchases have been received in the journal office, and then provide a “certification of receipt” by signing and dating the receipt itself (not the page on which it is taped).  This receipt must accompany a request for reimbursement of office snack purchases.



Use the Entertainment Certification Form to request reimbursement for entertainment-related expenses.  Form and instructions are available on the Forms and Flyers web page.