Mail Services is the designated U.S. Post Office for UC Berkeley and, by agreement with the U.S. Postmaster, handles all outgoing U.S. Mail and postage purchases for the entire campus. 



In the following address formats, the order of information is important.  U.S. Postal Service automated equipment has been programmed to recognize this format for accurate sorting and delivery of incoming letters to the campus.


Publications Coordinator

Berkeley Law Business Services

2850 Telegraph Avenue, Suite 500 # 7220

Berkeley, CA 94705-7220


University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley Law

(insert name of journal)

(room number) Boalt Hall # 7200

Berkeley, CA 94720-7200


Student journals have access to barcodes that serve as postage stamps for outgoing US Mail.  As your mail is processed by Mail Services, the barcodes are scanned and postage is charged directly to the journal chartstring.


To request barcodes, send a message to  Barcodes will be delivered to you by Mail Services in about one day.  If you plan to do a large mailing, you can use a barcode face sheet which eliminates the need to affix a barcode label to each envelope.  Barcoded mail is processed with a mail permit ink imprint in lieu of postage stamps.


If you have a bulk mailing and prefer to have postage stamps affixed to envelopes, rather than a mail permit imprint, Mail Services has automated equipment that can easily handle this type of request.  Journals do not need to purchase stamps separately for these mailings.  Contact the Publications Coordinator for assistance with journal bulk mailings.


Apply Barcode Labels to Individual Mail Pieces

Pressure-sensitive labels can be ordered by the Publications Coordinator from Mail Services.  Labels will be delivered to you the day after your online order is submitted.  


Apply these labels to individual mail pieces.








Bundle Mail using a Barcoded Facing Sheet

Bundle mail and wrap each bundle with a barcoded facing sheet. The facing sheets can be printed on demand by the Publications Coordinator directly from the Mail Services website.  



Expedited Shipping

FedEx (domestic) and DHL (international) are the selected vendors for expedited shipping services.  The Publications Coordinator will assist journals with account numbers and shipping supplies.