Buying Supplies and Services

Four things you need to know about buying:

  1. Check with your managing editor to obtain approval before spending journal funds.  
  2. Use to request a purchase or vendor payment.
  3. Let Business Services make direct purchases via University credit cards, rather than using personal funds and requesting reimbursement after the purchase.
  4. Go to the Business Services Forms and Flyers web page for instructions, forms, policy flyers and other helpful administrative resources.


When you send a message to, it would be helpful to include this information:

  • Name of the journal (acronyms are fine)
  • Description of what you want to purchase or order - if you use catalogue item numbers, be sure to indicate the name of the  vendor and/or attach a copy of the Kerry’s order form to your message. Business Services can help you locate items if you have an idea what you need, but don’t know where to purchase it.
  • If you would like to place a food order or catering reservation, include the date of your event, the amount you agreed to pay the vendor or the estimated catering cost, any tip amount, and the vendor’s name and phone number.  The Card Program Administrator will work with you to get your catering or restaurant vendor paid using the Event Planner credit card.
  • You may also send general business inquiries to  with  your contact information.


    Use the Kerry’s Office Supply order form to compile your shopping list.  Send your purchase request to  with the completed order form as an attachment.  Kerry’s Office Supply catalogues are available in journal offices.


    Provide the number from the empty cartridge (i.e., 53A, Q6470A, etc.) and/or the manufacturer and model number of the printer in your message to It’s a good idea to keep one extra cartridge on hand so you can quickly replace an empty cartridge without disrupting office work flow. Reorder a fresh cartridge at the same time you replace the empty one. 

    Recycle used printer cartridges by boxing and labeling them (use the pre-paid return label in the box the new printer cartridge) and placing them in an outgoing campus mailbox. 


    Journals have several photocopy options:

  • Boalt Library Copy Services - journal editors identify “allowed users” at the beginning of each year and monthly copy costs are paid via University credit card by the Publications Coordinator.
  • Copy Central on Bancroft Way - charge your copy jobs to the Berkeley Law account for payment by invoice via University credit card.
  • Other copy vendors - send your request to so the Publications Coordinator can provide the vendor with a credit card and eliminate the need for you to use personal funds. 

    Send your request to, including a description of your print order (business cards, letterhead, envelopes).  Orders using the new Berkeley Law style will be processed by the Publications Coordinator through the Communications Office.  Style samples are available at: .   Requests using the University seal will be processed by the Publications Coordinator via UC Printing Services.