The designated resource for guidance about journal budgets - subscription revenue, Berkeley Law funds awarded by the Dean, and operating balances carried forward from previous years - is the Berkeley Law Chief Financial Officer, Laurent Heller.  Laurent is the designated “owner” of the journal budgets, the individual responsible to the Dean and to the central campus for confirming that sufficient funds are available to support journal activities and for approving requested journal expenditures.  The Publications Coordinator deposits incoming revenues and processes expenditures against journal budgets in accordance with directives issued by the CFO.


Journals are strongly encouraged to consult with the CFO to develop a budget strategy for the academic year and to consult with the Publications Coordinator about spending those funds effectively.


Laurent Heller

201 Boalt Hall #7200




Journal business transactions are recorded in the Berkeley Financial System (BFS) using a “Chart of Accounts” which consists of seven chartfields.  Each chartfield describes a different facet of the financial transaction.  The combination of chartfield values is called a chartstring:

A chartstring provides a framework for categorizing financial information and organizes financial information in meaningful ways.  Each journal has been assigned a unique organization value (“org ID”).  One or more separate fund values may be attached to the unique org ID, depending on what sources of money are available to the journal.  Other chartfield values are defined by the campus, except optional project and flexfield values which are not used by the journals. The CFO and Publications Coordinator are resources for journal chartstring information.