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For detailed information about the publication process, refer to Chapter 3 of the Student Journal Editors Handbook.


Journal Production Checklist

Online Companion Journal Production Checklist



All Berkeley Law student journals are printed by vendor, Joe Christensen Printing, Inc., located in Nebraska (two hours ahead of PST).  Customer Service Representative Mary Carlson has extensive experience with our journals and is an invaluable resource throughout the production process.  Mary ensures that article files are submitted correctly, that all required forms are in place, and that a print order has been received for the journal issue.  Mary can answer your printing-related questions, such as:


  • How the process was handled in the past (continuity)
  • How and in what format journal files should be submitted
  • How to minimize the cost of contract proof corrections


University purchase orders, representing our “promise to pay” this vendor for printing services, are established at the beginning of the academic year by the Publications Coordinator on behalf of each student journal. 


Joe Christensen Printing, Inc.

1540 Adams Street

Lincoln, NE 68521


402-476-3094 (fax)


 Mary Carlson, Customer Service Representative                                        
Order Desk, for submission of PDFs                                                          

Sue Hubbard, technical support for macros                                                

Julia Schroeder, submits final Word docs to Westlaw/Lexis