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Aarti Kohli Warns That Immigration Enforcement Efforts Are Misguided

A San Francisco Chronicle op-ed co-authored by Aarti Kohli of Berkeley Law’s Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute on Race, Ethnicity and Diversity warns that efforts to ramp up enforcement of U.S. customs and immigration laws will likely produce racial profiling and civil rights violations.

Kohli, director of immigration policy and legislative counsel for the Warren Institute, wrote the op-ed with Antonia Hernández, president and chief executive of the California Community Foundation. They assert that “California is now a prime hunting ground” for expanding federal deportation programs, and propose solutions to improve federal-local police immigration enforcement partnerships.

Those solutions include investigating such partnerships before allocating additional funds for their operation, barring criminal alien screenings for individuals arrested for petty offenses, and mandating that local police who partner with federal immigration agents record arrest data by race, ethnicity, and level of offense.

The op-ed is available here.