August 13 - Day1

8:00 – 8:30
Registration & Continental Breakfast

8:30 – 10:00
First Plenary Session  mp3

     An Empirical Study of the U.S. Copyright Fair Use Cases
     Barton Beebe - Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

     Rethinking the Virtues of Uniformity in Our Patent System
     Craig Nard - Case School of Law, Case Western Reserve University

     Gone in 60 Milliseconds: Trademark Law and Neuroscience
     Rebecca Tushnet - Georgetown University Law Center

10:00 – 10:30

10:30 – 12:00

First Parallel Session

Patentable Subject Matter 
Part1  Part2

Copyright Puzzles 
  Part 1

IP as Regulation
 Part1 Part2
Locke Remixed
Robert Merges - BCLT, Boalt Hall School of Law
The Right to Mary Sue
Anupam Chander and Madhavi Sunder - University of California, Davis
Counterfeit Chic: The Culture of the Copy in an Outlaw Medium
Susan Scafidi - SMU Dedman School of Law
Propertizing Thought
Kevin Emerson Collins - Indiana University School of Law
Building a Reliable Semi-commons of Creative Works: Enforcement of Creative Commons Licenses
Lydia Loren - Lewis and Clark Law School
Decoding and Recoding Natural Monopoly Theory in Intellectual Property Law
Shubha Ghosh - SMU Dedman School of Law
Using Science & Technology Studies to Redefine Patentable Subject Matter under the Progress Clause of the Constitution
Sean O’Connor - University of Washington School of Law
Originality, Fixation, and Idea-Expression Dichotomy: Copyright’s Trilogy or E Pluribus Unum?
Samuel Murumba - Brooklyn Law School

Do Exclusionary Settlements of Hatch-Waxman Patent Suits Violate Antitrust Law?
Chris Holman - Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law
The Dormancy and Revival of the Patentable Subject Matter Doctrine
Eileen Kane
Penn State Law School
The Phoenix from Ashes: Moral Rights and the Future of Copyright Law
Mira Sundara Rajan - The University of British Columbia
Origin Stories and Other Tales: Mythical Beginnings of Intellectual Property
Jessica Silbey - Suffolk University Law School

12:00 – 1:00

1:00 – 2:30

Second Parallel Session

 Part1 Part2
Reconceptualizing IP

International IP
Part1  Part2
Inventing Invention: A Case Study of Legal Innovation
John Duffy - George Washington University School of Law
Copyright Law and Public Goods Revisited
Trotter Hardy - William and Mary Law School
Toward an Appropriate Normative Framework for Access to Knowledge in Shaping International Copyright Law & Policy
Mary Wong - Franklin Pierce Law Center
Patently Non-Obvious: How the Hindsight Bias Renders Patent Decisions Irrational
Gregory Mandel - Albany Law School
Substitution and Schumpeterian Effects and a Product Life Cycle Theory of Copyright
Ariel Katz - University of Toronto School of Law
Extraterritorial Patent Infringement: A Comprehensive Consideration of Patent Policy
Cynthia Ho - Loyola University School of Law
Research Tools and User Innovation
Katherine Strandburg - DePaul University College of Law
Copyright and DVRs: Implications of Timeshifting, Commercial Skipping, and Networking
Alissa Centivany - BCLT, Microsoft Research Fellow
Towards a Development-Oriented International Intellectual Property Balance
Margaret Chon - Seattle University School of Law
Attorneys as Patent Infringers: Patent Restrictions on Tax Planning Methods
Richard Gruner - Whittier Law School
Copyright as Trade Regulation
Sara Stadler - Emory University School of Law

The International Enclosure Movement
Peter Yu - Michigan State Univ. College of Law

2:30 – 3:00

3:00 – 4:30

Third Parallel Session

Federal Circuit Issues
 Part1  Part2

Copyright and Trademark Intersecting?
 Part1  Part2

IP Challenges Posed By the Internet
Prudence vs. Power: It Does Matter in Patent Cases
Lisa Dolak - Syracuse University, College of Law
Customary Intellectual Property
Jennifer Rothman - Washington University School of Law
Copyright Norms of the Blogosphere: Linking, Quoting, Copying and Self-Help
Ann Bartow - Univ. of South Carolina School of Law
Mob Mentality and the Federal Circuit
Kristen Osenga - Chicago-Kent/Univ. of Richmond School of Law
From Copyright to Trademark
Greg Lastowka - Rutgers School of Law – Camden

Trademark “Use” and Internet Keyword Advertising: Resolving the Confusion
Michael Landau - Georgia State University Law School
Is the Federal Circuit Succeeding? The Obviousness Project
Lee Petherbridge - Loyola Law School
Risk Aversion and Rights Accretion in Intellectual Property Law
James Gibson - IP Institute, Univ. of Richmond School of Law

Complex Regulation
Susan Crawford - Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

Patentability, Infringement, and In Vivo Conversion
Andrew Torrance - University of Kansas Law School
The Secret Life of Legal Doctrine: The Divergent Evolution of Secondary Liability in Trademark and Copyright Law
Mark Bartholomew - University at Buffalo Law School
John Tehranian - University of Utah
New Architectures for Music: Law Should Follow Technology and Economics
Henry Perritt - Chicago-Kent College of Law

4:30 - 5:00

5:00 – 6:00

Fourth Parallel Session

IP in Government-Funded Research

Indirect Infringement Issues
Impact of the Bahy-Dole Act on Genetic Research & Development: The Empirical Evidence to Date
Charles McManis - Washington University School of Law
Indirect Liability for Copyright Infringement in Multisided Markets
Barak Orbach - The Univ. of Arizona, Rogers College of Law
Ownership of State Funded Innovation
Michael Mireles - University of Denver – Sturm College of Law
Safe Harbors
Molly Van Houweling - BCLT, Boalt Hall School of Law
The Price of Progress: Are Universities Adding to the Cost?
Lorelei Ritchie de Larena - Florida State University School of Law
Applying General Tort Law to the Indirect Infringement of Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks
Charles Adams - University of Tulsa College of Law


August 11 - Day Two

8:00 – 8:30
Continental Breakfast

8:30 – 10:00

Fifth Parallel Session

Patent Reform
 Part1  Part2
 Part1  Part2
IP Outlaws
The Cooperation of Many Minds: Domestic Patent Reform Viewed Through a Multi-Institutional Perspective
Kali Murray - The University of Mississippi School of Law
“I Get No Kick from [Sparkling Wine]”: A ‘Semi-Generic’ Analysis of Geographical Indications as Trademark Fair Use
Sean Pager - Seattle University School of Law
Property Outlaws II: Free(dom) Riding in the Age of Intellectual Property
Sonia Katyal - Fordham University School of Law
“Peer to Patent”: Collective Intelligence and Intellectual Property Reform
Beth Noveck - New York Law School
Timing is Everything: Trademark Applications for Scandalous and Disparaging Marks
Jasmine Abdel-Khalik - UM-KC School of Law
Who Owns an Avatar? Assessing Claims of Copyright Ownership in Virtual Worlds
Tyler Ochoa - Santa Clara University School of Law
Patent Reform and Differential Impact
Matthew Sag - DePaul University
Geographic Trademarks and the Protection of Competitor Communication
Robert Brauneis - George Washington Univ. School of Law
Copyright Contraband
Eddan Katz - Yale Law School
Invention is a Process, or Why the Electronics and Pharmaceutical Industries are at Loggerheads over Patents
Jay Dratler - University of Akron School of Law
Brand Spillovers
Eric Goldman - Santa Clara University School of Law
The Myth of the Superuser
Paul Ohm - University of Colorado Law School

10:00 – 10:30

10:30 – 12:00

Sixth Parallel Session

Intellectual Property, Firms, & Access
 Part1 Part2
Public Domain/Intellectual Commons
Contract Issues in Intellectual Property
 Part1  Part2
The Goldilocks Hypothesis: Balancing Intellectual Property Rights at the Boundary of the Firm
Dan Burk - University of Minnesota Law School
Unpublished Works in the Public Domain: A legal Assessment at Three
Elizabeth Townsend Gard - Seattle University School of Law
Opting Out of Copyright: Standard Form Contracts in the Digital Age
Viva Moffat - University of Denver College of Law
Strategic Intellectual Property Litigation: An Empirical Study of Enforcement of Intellectual Property Claims
William Gallagher - Golden Gate University School of Law
The Public Trust Doctrine in the Intellectual Commons – Who Has Standing to Represent the Public Interest?
Robert Reis - SUNY at Buffalo Law School
Dangerous Liaisons – Software Combinations as Derivative Works?
Lothar Determann - USF School of Law
Accessibility without Piracy: Reinvigorating Copyright’s Deposit and Catalog Functions in the Digital Age
Peter Menell - BCLT, Boalt Hall School of Law
Copyright Ownership and Efficient Exploitation: An Empirical Study of American Works
Paul Heald - University of Georgia Law School
Patent Holdup and Royalty Stacking
Mark Lemley - Stanford Law School
Created Facts – Copyright and the Collapse of the Fact/Value Distinction
Justin Hughes - Cardozo School of Law
A Panoptic Approach to Information Policy: Utilizing a More Balanced Theory of Property In Order to Ensure the Existince of a Prodigious Public Domain
Christine Galbraith - University of Maine School of Law
Patent Pools and Clearinghouse Mechanisms in Genetics
Esther van Zimmeren - University of Leuven, Belgium

12:00 – 1:00

1:00 – 2:30

Seventh Parallel Session

IP as Property
 Part1  Part2
Free Speech and IP

Software Design and Licensing
 Part1  Part2
Life, Liberty, and Intellectual Property: Patents and the Independence of Innovators
Mark Schultz - Southern Illinois University School of Law
Authorship, Audiences and Anonymous Speech
Thomas Cotter - Washington & Lee University School of Law
Establishing Software Defaults: Perspectives from Law, Computer Science and Behavioral Economics
Jay Kesan - Clg of Law and the Dept of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Why Patents Fail as Property
Michael Meurer - Boston University
Reason or Madness:  A Defense of Copyright's Growing Pains
Marc Greenberg - Golden Gate University School of Law
The Fictional Physics of “Technological Protection”
Wendy Seltzer - Brooklyn Law School

Patents as Property: Rethinking the Exclusive Right in Patent Law
Adam Mossoff - Michigan State University College of Law

Principles for Resolving Conflicts Between Trade Secrets and the First Amendment
Pamela Samuelson - BCLT, Boalt Hall School of Law
Software Licensing and Market Power in the Age of the Virtualized Computer
Andrew Chin -University of North Carolina School of Law
The Normative Foundations of Trademark Law
Mark McKenna - Saint Louis University School of Law
Are Patents a Threat to Online Speech?
Jason Schultz - EFF/Boalt Hall School of Law
Corynne McSherry - EFF

Intellectual Property in the Twenty-First Century
Michael Carroll - Villanova University School of Law

2:30 – 3:30

3:00 – 4:30

Closing Plenary Session mp3

The Law and Economics of Information Overload Externaltities
Frank Pasquale - Seton Hall University School of Law

Chain Reaction: How Property Begets Property
Sabrina Safrin - Rutgers Law School, Newark

Rethinking Trade Secret Disclosure in the Internet Age
Elizabeth Rowe - Levin College of Law, University of Florida


Unable to Present

Patents and Competition: Toward a Knowledge Theory of Progress
Rudolph J.R. Pertiz -
New York Law School