Sponsor Profiles

Law Students for Reproductive Justice

LSRJ is a national nonprofit network of law students and lawyers. Our organization educates, organizes, and supports law students to ensure that a new generation of advocates will be prepared to protect and expand reproductive rights as basic civil and human rights.

Email: lsrj@law.berkeley.edu
Website: www.boalt.org/lsrj

Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law and Justice
The Berkeley Journal of Gender, Law & Justice, a continuation of Berkeley Women's Law Journal, was founded in 1984 by a group of students at the University of California, Berkeley School of Law who came together with a vision of "preserving our voices of diversity and maintaining our commitment to social change within the often-stifling confines of a law school environment." Now in its twenty-forth year of publication, BGLJ is guided by an editorial policy that distinguishes us from other law reviews and feminist journals. Our mandate is to publish research, analysis, and commentary that address the lives and struggles of underrepresented women. We believe that excellence in feminist legal scholarship requires critical examination of the intersection of gender with one or more other axes of subordination, including, but not limited to, race, class, sexual orientation, and disability. Because conditions of inequality are continually changing, our mandate is also continually evolving. Pieces may come within the mandate because of their subject matter or because of their analytical attention to differences in social location among women.

Email: bwlj@law.berkeley.edu
Website: http://www.boalt.org/bglj/

Berkeley Law Critical Race Scholars Society

The Berkeley Law Critical Race Scholars Society is a student-run organization dedicated to exploring perspectives of race and its intersection with other modes of oppression including, but not limited to, gender, class, and sexual orientation. The CRS Society strives to bridge Critical Race Theory (CRT) scholarship and activism by analyzing historical and contemporary legal issues affecting communities of color and developing skills to bring this knowledge into the professional world through “praxis.” As a group of emerging academics and activists, we aim to provide students with a setting in which to develop and advance CRT scholarship as well as provide opportunities to network with leading CRT scholars and with legal professionals working to promote racial justice.
Email: crsberkeley@gmail.com

Law Students of African Descent
Finding its roots in the African American Association of the early 1960s, Law Students of African Descent (LSAD) is now at the heart of the Black community at Boalt Hall School of Law. The purpose of the organization is to articulate and promote the needs of Black law students in the law school. An active member of the National Black Law Students Association, LSAD seeks to foster a unique sense of community among its members and to serve as an academic, political, and social resource for Black law students. In the wake of Proposition 209, LSAD actively participates in the recruitment and retention of Black law students. LSAD promotes academic and professional excellence among its members and is committed to forming lasting relationships with its Black alumni, members of the Black legal community, and the Black community as a whole.

Email: lsad@law.berkeley.edu 

Women of Color Collective
The Women of Color Collective (WOCC) provides a supportive space for African American, Asian & Pacific Islander American, Latina, Native American, and other women and trans people of color at Berkeley Law. Through cultural, social, professional, educational and community service programs, the WOCC advances the needs of women and trans students of color, thereby enriching the educational experience at Berkeley Law. The Collective also serves as a support/mentorship network, linking current students to each other and to Berkeley Law alumni.

Email:  boaltwocc@gmail.com