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An application for the LRAP loan is required before each new LRAP cycle and an application for cancellation/forgiveness is required immediately following the end of the cycle.

Application Deadline*
New LRAP Loan cycle (6-12 months) no later than within the first month of employment
LRAP Loan Forgiveness/Cancellation

depends on the individual LRAP contract

*Deadlines have changed. As of 10/1/2011, we have transitioned to a rolling application cycle. Continuous applicants must submit the application for the new cycle no later than within the month the new eligibility period starts. 


Choosing a "Track" (Standard Track vs. IBR Track)

NEW: Before submitting your application for LRAP support, all participants (both entering and continuing) must choose a "track". Use the comparison chart and calculator below to determine which track works best for you. Please note that if you choose the IBR track, you must follow the track for the remainder of your participation in LRAP. If you choose the Standard track, you have the option of switching to the IBR track at a later date. Please feel free to contact the LRAP Coordinator should you require assistance in choosing the most beneficial track.


Checklist for first-time applicants

 Employment verification, including a copy of a published job description
 Verification of your current repayment plan for all federal and private loans
 For Direct and Perkins Loans, verification of your current repayment plan and a copy of your National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) loan history (federal PIN required) and verification of your current repayment plan
 For private loans, a copy of your disclosure statement for each loan that includes original disbursement amount, current balance, interest rate, repayment plan and monthly payments.
 Personal statement: Please describe what brought you to public service, your prior public service experience and what you see yourself doing over the next five years (approx. 750 words). Although required, the personal statement is not used to determine eligibility.
Current résumé 
 Sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer after your LRAP application has been submitted. Follow the EFT authorization instructions for UC Berkeley vendors. All new participants must resubmit their EFT authorizations even if they had an active account as a student. For first-time applicants we first have to request a vendor ID from the Disbursements Office before an EFT authorization will be accepted.

Please notify us of changes (address or employment change and/or pay increase) immediately.

If you do not have the information needed to complete the LRAP application, contact your lenders/servicers immediately.

Federal Direct Loans

Due to changes in the federal student loan program as of this Fall your federal student loans may be serviced by


Checklist for continuing participants

 Employment verification: Employer verification is required for each cycle but published job descriptions need to be submitted only once with your first-time application and again when changes in responsibilities and/or employment occur.
Verification of your current repayment plan for all federal and private loans
 Private loan statement that includes current balance, interest rate and monthly payments


Once you have submitted a copy of your NSLDS loan history and/or disclosure statements, you do not have to submit them again.


Checklist for the cancellation application

 Employment verification 
  Proof of loan repayment in the form of payment history or statements of payments. Proof of payment history for Direct Loans can be obtained from your "Account Summary" at Click here to see a sample document.


Application Forms

Visit our Apply Now page for our regularly updated application forms. If you are unable to submit the application using the web form, you may:

E-mail your scanned application to:

Fax to: 510-666-3577

Send by postal mail to (may cause delays):

LRAP Program
University of California, Berkeley
School of Law
396 Simon Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-7220


Processing Your Application

  • We process applications in the order received and recommend that you submit all documents before our deadline.
  • For late applications, contact the LRAP Coordinator. Please note LRAP coverage will not be granted retroactively, but starts within the month in which the application was received.
  • Once we receive your application, the LRAP Coordinator will review the information and determine your eligibility and disbursement amount.
  • When your eligibility has been determined, you will receive an email with a Promissory Note attached. You must submit the Promissory Note with original signatures by postal mail.
  • Once we receive your Promissory Note, you will receive an email confirmation and a payment request will be submitted to the law school's Business Services.
  • Funds are made available within approximately 10 -14 days, but no earlier than four weeks prior to the eligibility period. Paper checks may take 2 - 3 days longer.